about this website

If you’ve made it to this point, hopefully you are seeking Sarah Madison, the author of m/m romance, adventure, and suspense stories and not Sarah Madison, the actress, or Sarah Madison, the cardiovascular surgeon. (Because if you were looking for them, ooops! Big surprise!)

For the most part, this website will be static, with occasional updates as new stories are listed. That is because, as you can see from the links available here, you can find me all over the web. The main reason for establishing this site was to create a central location for these links.

I tend to be very active on the web in my other locations, as these places were developed first. I blog on Live Journal, should you wish to read about my adventures as an author, veterinarian, dog lover, competitive horse rider, or just about my random musings. I’m fairly active on Twitter, I put in an appearance on Facebook, I’m enthralled by Goodreads.

However, if all you are really looking for is updates on my latest releases, this is the place for you. I plan to keep the website simple and clean, pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate. I might be tempted to blog here on occasion, but I’ll do my best to restrain myself.

What kinds of stories do I like to write?

I write primarily about m/m relationships. I like to write long, plotty stories with a lot of angst, bright splashes of humor, a little drama, some action (sex or otherwise), and for the most part, I believe in happy endings.

I’m a huge fan of mysteries, science-fiction, and fantasy–these are my favorite stories to read and write.

I love to hear from my readers–please don’t hesitate to contact me: akasarahmadison at gmail dot com