Upcoming Story Announcements!

I’m very pleased to announce the upcoming releases of two new stories on Dreamspinner Press: Raincheck and Crying for the Moon.

Raincheck is the story of an unlikely romance between Rodney, a literate, self-educated gargoyle, and David, a tenant in his building. When they meet on the rooftop late one rainy evening, David is unaware that his confidante is really a centuries-old gargoyle. Rodney manages to hide his real identity from David, but can he hide his growing attraction?

In Crying for the Moon, Alex Novik is trying to make a new life for himself outside of his existence as a vampire. Cutting most of his old ties, Alex is unwillingly drawn into the trials and tribulations of home ownership, the troubles of his werewolf friends, and his growing attraction for his new, sexy neighbor, Tate. A vampire trying to live as a human is not a safe person to know, and Alex knows that he is endangering Tate by spending time with him. He’s given up so much, though. Must he give up Tate as well?

Stay tuned for more information and release dates!