Five Diva Review for Crying for the Moon!

I was searching online for an article I’d written about blogging, when I discovered yet another excellent review for Crying for the Moon by Dark Divas!

Here’s what Lasha of Dark Divas had to say: What a wonderful and original take on an old concept. The vampires and werewolves trope may never be the same again – and that is a good thing. Sarah Madison has created an amazing universe in Crying for the Moon with a unique band of characters; most especially vampire Alexi Novik and his human lover Tate. Throw in a pack of werewolves, an old lover bent on getting Alex back and you have an engrossing novel that I could not put down.

Check out the full review here!

4 thoughts on “Five Diva Review for Crying for the Moon!

    • Thank you! The funny thing is, I found it while searching for something else entirely–I would have never seen it otherwise! I don’t think Google Alerts works as well as they say it does… 😉

    • I think there is a Facebook like button on the other end of the link at the article itself, but you’re right, I need to figure out how to put one here on this site too, don’t I? 🙂

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