The Dragon*con Contest

Unfortunately, circumstances have conspired once again to keep me from attending D*C this year. I’m bummed because I had some really interesting tracks I’d planned on attending, as well as a group author M&G that I was really looking forward to attending.

However, all is not lost! The M&G is still taking place on the tenth floor lounge of the Marriot from 1-3 pm both Saturday 9/3 and Sunday 9/4.  The group of M/M authors meeting there is pretty impressive!   B. Snow has kindly offered to hand out bookmarks on my behalf, so I got this idea to hold a contest

Here’s how it works: anyone who leaves a comment here on this post from now up until seven days after the end of Dragon*con, will be in the running for an e-copy of either Raincheck or Crying for the Moon–winner’s choice!  B. Snow is going to promote this for me at the con by handing out bookmarks for both stories, with my website address on the back of them.  People will be directed to this post to leave a comment.  You don’t have to have a bookmark to play, however!  Just leave a comment here, and you’ll be in the running!

39 thoughts on “The Dragon*con Contest

  1. Glad to see that the comments section is working. So sorry to hear that you can’t go to the con! Hopefully next year?

    And I’m sure these guys are gonna have a hard time choosing which one to pick should they ever win. Both of these are really great stories but obviously Nick and Peter are telling me to choose them over everyone else. LOL.

    • The comments section is working thanks to you! I would have sat here wondering why no one was responding if you hadn’t pointed out I had the comments turned off! 🙂

      I know you just want to see more Nick and Peter, admit it! Well, if I get some other stories knocked out of the way first, Peter and Nick will get their own place in the spotlight! 🙂

      • Aw, no problem! I admit I noticed it a long time ago, but I thought you did it on purpose. LOL. But I definitely had to tell you when you posted this and the comments were off.

        Yes, LOL! I will now admit my hopeless and unabashed devotion to Nick and Peter. Peter is just… God, he’s like all of my favorite character traits packed into one man. Thinking about them makes me blush and giggle and squee. :”>

        • No, not on purpose, just clueless! I assumed comments on was the default option! That certainly explains why no one has ever commented before! *facepalm*

          So *Peter* is your favorite, eh? *grins* Well, his story with Nick is definitely on the list (thought it looks like I need to add a sequel to Raincheck too!)

          At the moment, though, I’m trying to finish the story of a sous-chef with an ugly dog and the ER doc who keeps shutting people out of his life. This past month has been a rollercoaster for me–time to get back to the WIP and finish it the way it deserves! 🙂

          • He is, LOL. Go tell him that, would you? I think he’d love to brag about it to Nick and rub it in…

            Oh yum, sounds absolutely fantastic! Why is it you manage to make every single book sound so fantastic? (And I’m sure you’ll make the ugly dog precious and beautiful in his own way with the way you write.)

          • Ah, see, you know him so well! He *would* rub it in! 🙂

            You’re making me blush, though! I hope I can do justice to the follow through on this book. I’m dealing with the subject of professional burnout and emotional shielding when you have a stressful job. Well, that’s an underlying theme, at any rate! Mostly it’s about wanting what you don’t think you’re allowed to have. *winks*

    • Oh, I’m so glad you enjoyed Raincheck! Well, this definitely puts in you in the running for a copy of CFTM, so fingers crossed! The contest will end on 9/12/11 so be sure to check back here and see who the winner is!

  2. Please count me in, Sarah!
    I thought Raincheck was great! ( still waiting on those other 12 chapters;)).
    But would love to win Crying for the Moon!

    • Mandy:
      Hah! You guys have me thinking about what the next 12 chapters should be as well–I’ve even got a name: Fallen Angel. If you know me, you know a working title is as good as a promise it will be written! 🙂

      How’d you get your avatar to show up? I’ve tried the ‘gravatar’ thing and it won’t let me log in over there. I’d really like my avatar to show up!

      • Oh goody! A name is a great start!!!
        Well, I just signed up at, and it worked, no clue how, since I am very tech challenged!

        • Hmmm. I went there, but it wouldn’t let me sign in. Does this avatar follow you where ever you post? I’m curious because I use a different avatar on different sites. Maybe I just need to create a new account! 🙂

    • It’s really frustrating because this is twice that I’ve planned to go only to have those plans fall through. This time, I had one catastrophe after another in the two weeks leading up to the flight–and I decided the universe was trying to tell me to stay home!

      I had the bookmarks already made, so I shipped them off to a fellow author and decided to hold this contest instead. You don’t need a bookmark to enter though–that was just a handy way to get people to come to the website! 🙂

      Your comment here has you in the running to win a copy of CFTM, if you’d like. Be sure to check back on 9/12/11 for the winner!

    • Excellent! And thank you! Do you mean this site? My BF helped me design this and I’m very pleased with how it turned out. I use it mainly for announcements and book information, though.

      I do have a live journal account under the name of akasarahmadison, where I natter on about books, writing, cats, and horses–that sort of thing! 🙂

      • Yes, a little late for the contest, but squee is always greatly appreciated. You also reminded me that I forgot to announce the winner last night as promised! *facepalm*

        I need to get right on that…

    • I do! It’s sad, but most days I’d rather write than do just about anything else! I become so invested in the characters–I start out thinking what they might be like, and before I know it, they’re joining me at breakfast and telling me about their lives when before the story begins! 😉

      • Nothing sad about that (at least for the readers 🙂 ), though I simpatize. Most days, I’d rather read or listen too audiobooks than work. Your “vice” is at least productive 🙂

        • That’s what I like to tell myself at any rate! Most days I can kid myself into believing it is at least as important as my day job! 😉

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