A Five Star Review for Practice Makes Perfect and a new release!

I discovered an excellent review for Practice Makes Perfect on Amazon today–by someone I don’t know, who isn’t a close friend or on my payroll.  (Hah, the idea of me with a payroll!)

I also received word that even though my vampire short Bite the Dust did not win in the Just One Bite contest over on All Romance, ARe cafe is offering the 32 stories in a set of three *free* anthologies as a Thanksgiving gift to their customers. If you voted on the stories, you have an account, and should be able to download the anthologies without a problem. Setting up an account isn’t hard to do either, if you need one.

Bite the Dust is going to be in the third anthology–all the stories in it are M/M, which makes sense to bundle them that way.

I’m pleased to see the stories made available like this. I really took a liking to the characters I used in Bite The Dust. As one of my friends pointed out, I pulled a bit of a Richard Castle because the vampire, Mikhail, is the protagonist in a series of books written by *another* one of my characters, Ryan McPherson, from my (free) novella Surf’s Up on Goodreads. I *really* like Daniel and Ryan, so I plan to write more about those two for sure!

The anthologies have not yet been released, but should be out before Thanksgiving. I’ll post the download link when it becomes available!


2 thoughts on “A Five Star Review for Practice Makes Perfect and a new release!

  1. *throws confetti* Congrats on the first five-star review! Here’s to many more to come! And I can’t wait for the anthology to be released. Every M/M story in one neat package – awesome. 🙂

    • I thought it a very generous review, TBH. 🙂 I must admit, though, my confidence needed the bolstering and I’m not going to argue with it! It helped me to put aside some things in my head and get down to work on the sequel to Unspeakable Words–though now I’m toying with ideas of a prequel of sorts for Practice Makes Perfect. No! No! I will not let myself be distracted! I’m 11 K in Walk a Mile, and determined to finish it before the New Year.

      Then maybe a couple of free background stories on various characters? *stares out of window at the distance*


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