Surf’s Up Available in Free Anthology on All Romance!

Don’t Read in the Closet vol 2 is the collection of short stories written for the Goodreads Hot Summer Days event this past July. All your favorite M/M romance authors have contributed here, and this volume includes my short novella Surf’s Up.

I’m so excited about this release because I fell *hard* for Daniel and Ryan in this story–something I didn’t expect at all, and I have plans to write a full length novel about their continuing relationship–not to mention, this story gave rise to the characters I used in my free vampire short Bite the Dust. I am really looking forward to spending more time with these guys. I hope you are too!

This link here will take you to the All Romance website, so you do not have to be a Goodreads member to access it!

Don’t Read in the Closet: Volume Two
By: Marguerite Labbe | Other books by Marguerite Labbe
Angel Martinez | Other books by Angel Martinez
Jaya Christopher | Other books by Jaya Christopher
Lily Sawyer | Other books by Lily Sawyer
Elizabeth Noble | Other books by Elizabeth Noble
Amy Lane | Other books by Amy Lane
Nicole Dennis | Other books by Nicole Dennis
Sarah Madison | Other books by Sarah Madison
Andrea Speed | Other books by Andrea Speed
Megan Derr | Other books by Megan Derr
Kari Gregg | Other books by Kari Gregg
D.H. Starr | Other books by D.H. Starr
Em Woods | Other books by Em Woods
S.J.D. Peterson | Other books by S.J.D. Peterson
&nbsp ; JM Cartwright | Other books by JM Cartwright
Kaje Harper | Other books by Kaje Harper
Kerry Freeman | Other books by Kerry Freeman
Blaine D. Arden | Other books by Blaine D. Arden
Taylor V. Donovan | Other books by Taylor V. Donovan
Casey K. Cox | Other books by Casey K. Cox
N.J. Nielsen | Other books by N.J. Nielsen
Mandy Beyers | Other books by Mandy Beyers
J.R. Boyd | Other books by J.R. Boyd
Havan Fellows | Other books by Havan Fellows
Jason Huffman-Black | Other books by Jason Huffman-Black
Cleon Lee | Other books by Cleon Lee
Jordan Sophia Lombard | Other books by Jordan Sophia Lombard
Adara O’Hare | Other books by Adara O’Hare
Published By: Sara Winters

Word Count: 252124
Heat Index

Available in: Adobe Acrobat, Mobipocket (.mobi), Epub
About the book
This free ebook is volume two in a collection of short stories celebrating love, sex and romance between men. It is a product of the Goodreads M/M Romance Group Hot Summer Days event and features original stories from 28 authors; if you like what you read, come join our group!

Note: These stories contain sexually explicit content and are intended for adult readers only.

Blaine D. Arden – COLOR ME (Paranormal)
Mandy Beyers – THE PRESENT IN ROOM FOUR (Rent Boy/Hurt-comfort)
JR Boyd – LABOR OF LOVE (Blue Collar)
JM Cartwright – APPEARING KNIGHTLY (Superhero)
Jaya Christopher – CODY AND THE HERMIT (BDSM/Cowboys)*
Casey Cox – BE MY BOY (D/S Slave)
Nicole Dennis – HIDDEN AMONGST STARS (1950’s Hollywood)
Megan Derr – DELIVERY WITH A SMILE (Comedy)
Taylor V. Donovan – HEATSTROKE (Angst)*
Haven Fellows – HIDDEN NEEDS (BDSM)
Kerry Freeman – KEEP ME (Angst, D/s)
Kaje Harper – LIKE THE TASTE OF SUMMER (First-Love/1980’s)
Jason Huffman-Black – I AM THE HIGHWAY (BDSM)
Marguerite Labbe – TEARS OF THE SEA (Paranormal/Fairytales)*
Amy Lane – SUPER SOCK MAN (College/Solo-action)
Cleon Lee – BENEATH YOUR WINGS (Angel/Demon)
Jordan Sophia Lombard – FINDING HOME (Sci-fi/Military)
Sarah Madison – SURF’S UP (Role-Playing)
NJ Nielsen – SHADOWS ON THE HEART (Paranormal)
Elizabeth Noble – TAKE WHAT’S YOURS (Futuristic Sci-fi)
Adara O’Hare – CHASING THE PRICK (Hurt/Comfort)
SJD Peterson – INNOCENCE TO THE MAX (Paranormal/BDSM)*
Lily Sawyer – LAWN MOWER BOYS (Summer Love)
Andrea Speed – MY BLOODY VALENTINE (Paranormal/Sorcerer)*
DH Starr – TLC (Recovery)
Em Woods – BETWEEN FRIENDS (Action)

*encore appearance of a story included in the GRL Retreat 2011 Special Edition.

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