6 thoughts on “New website banner!

  1. It’s very pretty! You have a very talented friend:) Love the colors and the dark hair against the bright blue of the sky and the ocean 🙂

    • *claps hands in glee*

      I know! I know! Everything is in keeping with the cool, streamlined effect I was going for with the site, and I love the colors and the imagery here!

  2. Wow! He immediately drew my attention. The strong, clean lines of his body, the appealing light tan, the soulfull dark eyes as he stares out into the falling snow … Ooops, wait, the dude on the beach – that’s who I’m supposed to be looking at? Sorry about that. 🙂

    Actually, that’s a great banner Sarah. Your name just above the horizon and the tag line below really stands out.

    • Exactly! Who is waiting for? What is his story? Is he wearing any clothing? 🙂 This is *exactly* what I was looking for–it’s like she read my mind!

    • Hee! Of course, now you have me wondering how he got there, who he’s looking for, and if he is wearing any clothes… 🙂 I might have to write a shipwreck story just to go with this!

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