I’m to be profiled on Jessewave this coming week!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be a quest on the Jessewave review site this week! Unlike the standard interview, where I am provided a list of question and I answer them in advance, you, the reader, get to ask me whatever you want!

Anyone leaving a comment or question will be in the running to win a story from my backlist–your choice! So do come out and fire your questions at me! I won’t promise to tell you the truth, but I *will* promise it will be entertaining. 🙂

Stay tuned, as I will be adding the actual link when the profile goes live on Wed 5/16/12!

2 thoughts on “I’m to be profiled on Jessewave this coming week!

  1. You’ll have to come up with some penetrating questions to ask me, you know! I will need something to get people started–no holds barred!

    Of course, I intend to lie like a rug, so you won’t be able to believe any of my answers. 🙂

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