Going for Gold–available August 31, 2012!

Is it Friday, yet?

I ask because I am so excited about the release of Going for Gold, the Olympic-themed M/M anthology from MLR Press. I can’t remember when I was this excited about a new release! Maybe it’s because the subject matter in my story is one dear to my heart–the horse sport known as Eventing. Maybe it’s because there are six other great stories in this anthology and I can’t wait to read them! Maybe it’s because I barely got a chance to watch the London Games this year and already I am in serious Olympics withdrawal.

I did get to see some of the Beach Volleyball, the swimming, and the platform diving. Matthew Mitcham is my new hero, let me tell you. 🙂 Oh, the drama of the women’s gymnastics! Or how about GB ending a sixty year drought by winning gold in the show jumping?

I still have the equestrian events on TiVo because I have plans for the characters in my anthology story, Lightning in a Bottle. *rubs hands together evilly* I had eyes on the ground, too, as my good friend and fellow author Claire Russett was on hand to watch the dressage portion of the eventing competition (and report back to me).

So what does the lineup for Going for Gold look like? Here’s a list of authors and titles:

Michael P. Thomas – “Hot Shots”
Kelly Rand – “The Quad”
K-lee Klein – “An Olympic Goal”
Sarah Madison – “Lightning in a Bottle”
Kaje Harper – “Tumbling Dreams”
Nico Jaye – “Into the Deep”
Whitley Gray – “Shoot For the Gold”
Annabeth Albert – “Swimming the Distance”

So, do you need an Olympic fix? Jonesing for some swimming or maybe some ice hockey (don’t forget, the Olympics aren’t just about the summer Games!)

Here’s some blog posts where the authors share a little about their stories and the inspiration behind them:
Michael P. Thomas talks about how he deals with his own Olympic withdrawal symptoms here. His video clip of Matthew Mitcham is a must-see for everyone!
Annabeth Albert finds inspiration in Speedo’s over at Cup of Porn today.  And I have to say, I hail the return of the Speedo as well.  Provided the right person is wearing them…
Nico Jaye gives us a sweet teaser about her diving story on her blog, and an excerpt here. Oh, I want more, now, darn it! *presses refresh button again*

I’m off to a horse trial this weekend (sadly, not as a competitor this time) so be prepared to be inundated with horse pictures on my return.  Gotta love a profession where everything can be written off to research, eh?

There will be more author links as blog posts go live, so be sure to check them out!

THE BUY LINK IS UP!  Going for Gold

So what’s your favorite Olympic sport?  Is it the diving (one of mine!)?  Do you love seeing how happy the swim teams are? What’s the draw for you?  The competition? Watching top athletes at peak performance? All that lean muscle and exquisite display of the human form?  What do you wish they’d show more of–or less? Inquiring minds want to know.  Share!

2 thoughts on “Going for Gold–available August 31, 2012!

  1. My favorites are (surprise surprise) the water sports. 🙂 Diving definitely, but pretty much all of the water stuff from the swimming relays to water polo.

    Track & Field also piqued my interest this year with Oscar Pistorius’s races. He’s such an inspiring athlete.

    Hope you are having an awesome time at the horse trials! “Research” is a wonderful thing. 😉
    Nico Jaye recently posted..Happy release day! Plus, a sneak peek! (Shhh…)My Profile

    • I might end up staying home to work my own horse–she’s been cleared to go back to work and she’s jumping out of her skin. But yes, research is a wonderful thing and I have friends competing–I’m usually the designated photographer. 🙂 Decisions, decisions…

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