What’s hot and cool in 2013 for Sarah Madison!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Looking ahead for the next few months, I’ve got some looming deadlines and some exciting plans, both of which mean I’m going to have to focus on one of my main goals for 2013: Tweet less and write more. Don’t get me wrong–I love blogging and Tweeting. I catch up with my friends online and I love chatting with fans. But these activities don’t take the same degree of mental energy as  writing does. It’s been all too easy to fritter away hours online in the name of networking and self-promoting simply because I’m too tired or stressed to do anything more difficult.

I’m confident this will change for 2013. Despite the lateness of the hour as I type these words, taking a long over-due vacation has taught me the value of rest and play in being more productive in general. While I was in the UK, I also learned the value of sticking to my gluten-free resolution, coming back from the trip five pounds lighter (despite eating like a field hand while I was there!) and feeling better than I’ve felt in the last 2-3 years. Both of these revelations should make it possible for me to be more productive as a writer in 2013. Which means that you will probably be seeing less of me online. Trust me, that’s a good thing!

I leave you tonight with a few links and announcements:

Website rec: Pixel of Ink
This is a great site that posts links to free Kindle books for each 24 hour period. You can subscribe and get a daily email of the day’s best picks. Sometimes the stories are no longer free by the time I get there, but hey, worth checking out!

I have a blog post as part of E.M. Lynley’s Delectable December/Sweet New Year tour, in which she is promoting her Delectable Series through Dreamspinner Press. Come check out the mouth watering recipes and giveaways! What? Me give cooking advice? Yes, well, the pigs were flying that day! I’m talking about balls–no, not that kind! Sheesh. Look where your mind went! 😀

Also, I have some exciting plans in the upcoming months! New stories in the works that are nearing completion, and I will be attending the 35th anniversary of Battlestar Galactica at Galacticon III in May! The really cool part is that I’m going to be participating as a panelist and contributing to a workshop on writing and fanfic. We’re in the planning stages now of the discussion points we’d like to make, and I am bouncing in my seat the whole time.  I’m trying to be all grown up and mature about this, but believe me, my inner fangirl is squealing!

But this means I need to finish some projects so that I can concentrate on having fun at the convention in May! I won’t post here my picture of myself as Athena, in full Warrior’s costume, but I will leave you with a nice sample of what my trip in the UK was like. In the meantime, my relative absence means I’m working on new fic–which should make all of us happy!

Radcliffe Camera at Oxford

2 thoughts on “What’s hot and cool in 2013 for Sarah Madison!

  1. YAY!!!! for more fic from you, even if it means less online time. Galacticon should be a blast, and I am *so* excited you’re going to be sharing your wealth of knowledge there *bounces*

    • *grins* I’m pretty darn excited about it myself! But it *does* mean I really need to rein in the squirrel brain and stay focused for the next few months. The problem is, it is so easy to piffle around on social media when you only have a short period of time or if you’re tired, cooking dinner, etc. Then, if you’re not careful, the next thing you know, you’ve frittered away more time than you could really afford.

      So, goal for 2013: less chatter, more writing!
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