Kayelle Allen talks about hot guys, trusting your partner, and Fifty Gays of Shade


Hello and welcome, Kayelle Allen! I’m so excited to have you here today, talking about your latest release and answering some of my nosy discerning, questions! First, please tell us a little about yourself and the kinds of stories you like to write. Would you say there is an underlying theme behind your stories?

I’ve been writing professionally since 2004. I’ve grown, developed, changed, and adapted quite a bit during that time. One thing that has never changed is my desire to tell a rollicking good story. I make this promise on the front page of my website, and try to deliver it every time: “I promise you a complex plot that immerses you in an erotic tale and provides unexpected action in settings so real you’ll swear you’ve been there.” As to what underlying themes are behind my stories… in my Science Fiction Romance series I deal with conspiracies and genetics.

Both fascinate me. But in every story I write, I also try to get across the concept of respect for others. Hopefully it never comes across preachy. In one book, I have a former male prostitute who learns to respect himself. In another, an older woman comes to respect the professional abilities of a young thief. An immortal realizes that although he is thousands of years old, he can trust a twenty-something to know what’s best. I think if we give others respect, they will often amaze us with how well they earn it.

I see you write M/M fiction. Would you characterize your stories as M/M romance, erotica, or something in between?

My current release, Fifty Gays of Shade, is definitely erotica. However, even my erotica has a complete story with a plot. Sex is fun to write, and to read, but I try to deliver something for the mind as well. 😉

What draws you to the M/M genre? Have you written in other genres?

I love reading the genre, and have always thought two guys together were hot. I have four gay romances, two books that are heterosexual romances, and one audio book that is not really a romance at all. The Last Vhalgenn is a fantasy and features a female warrior who serves a male king, and there was a romantic involvement between them in the past. However, the story deals with the price of honor — which can mean everything.

“Writers should write what they know.” What does this statement mean to you as an authorphoto_30486_20110214?

If I don’t know something, I research it until I do. I’ve read about genetics, science, space travel, and even how thieves work. One of my characters was a male prostitute, so I read books on extending orgasm. Another was a thief, so I read about theft. If I don’t know it, I find a way to learn. One of my male readers asked, “Are you sure you’re not a gay man masquerading as a woman?” Greatest compliment ever.

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon—what is your idea of the perfect Valentine’s Day celebration?

I just love being remembered and thought about. Hubby made a card for me on the computer last year, and printed it for me. I keep it on the wall next to my desk, because it was so touching. To me, a small gift means the world. I still have shiny pebbles my kids gave me when they were small. No, I’m not a hoarder — these little trinkets each have their own spaces in my jewelry cabinet. A personal gift is very dear to me, whether a shiny rock or a sparkling diamond. If you give me something, I am going to treasure it. Still, a perfect date… take me out to dinner and to see a movie. Those are my two favorite things. Save the flowers — I will probably sneeze on them. ^_^ Can’t help it — but not very romantic at all.

The title of your new release is a clever play on words using the title of a famous bestselling novel. It also has BSDM themes, I believe. How does your story differ from 50 Shades of Grey?

This book is an anthology of stories set in Shady Business, a gay BDSM club. Each story might have a cameo appearance by Grey Shade, who owns the club. After that, all the tales differ. We had a layout of the club, and a description of Shade. The rest was up to us. Mine is a tad on the humorous side, if erotic. Sex is supposed to be fun as well as romantic — so characters in my books might engage in the act while being very serious and hell bent on seduction, or while laughing over an awkward moment.

The BSDM culture has become very popular right now, as has M/M romance. What do you think it is about these genres that allow us, as authors, to tell stories from a different perspective than the lives most of us actually lead? What is the draw for this kind of story for you?

I’m not in the lifestyle, but don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the concepts. I think one thing that appeals is that BDSM is freeing to both parties. It requires a great deal of trust to be effective. For someone who has trouble letting go and reveling in pleasure, being dominated can be the utmost release. When you *have* to submit and it’s beyond your control, you enjoy the pleasure without feeling guilt.

Being the one who permits another to be fulfilled is also an incredible rush. Sex can a gift and a blessing, or a duty and a curse. It depends on how you view the act, your partner, and yourself. Perhaps the draw of BDSM for some is the fantasy of having that type of release, or of having that type of partner. It might be that you would like to try this type of sex but are afraid to admit it. You might not know anyone you’d trust that much. However people view it, I hope the themes in Fifty Gays of Shade will make the book an enjoyable read.


Title: Fifty Gays of Shade
Author: Various
Editor: Kiernan Kelly
Genre: Contemporary Gay BDSM Anthology
Publisher: Torquere Press
Heat Rating: R

Blurb: At Shady Business, the hottest gay BDSM club in town, no good deed ever goes unpunished.

Includes stories by: Amelia June, CB Conwy, CC Bridges, DC Juris, Emily Moreton, Kayelle Allen, KC Burn, KC Wells, Kiernan Kelly, Lydian Harker, PT Walden, Sascha Illyvich, Sean Michaels, Wade Kelly, Winnie Jerome, Wt Prater
From Kayelle Allen: “Bill Me
When an old member of the Shady Business BDSM club returns from a hiatus, he meets a new member searching for a proper identity — and a master who’ll help him find it.

About the Author
Multipublished author Kayelle Allen runs Marketing for Romance Writers, the Romance Lives Forever blog, and a graphics company called The Author’s Secret. She swears she also sleeps, eats, and writes, and not at the same time. Usually.

You can also find Kayelle online at these locations!


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