Don’t blink–You Just Missed Spring!

It feels that way, doesn’t it? Last week we had six inches of snow in less than six hours–today it was 80 F. Overnight, it seems, everything has come into bloom. The forsythia is out. The pear trees are forming blossoms. Redbud is beginning to dot the mountain forests. The trees are turning green right before your very eyes. Wild daffodils nod their heads alongside banks of periwinkle and phlox as you drive along the country roads.


Let’s not forget the baby animals gamboling along in the emerald green fields! Normally, I like spring–but it would seem this year we’re skipping it and heading straight into summer–my least favorite season.

Face it, if you sunburn easily, wear thick glasses, and have masses of hair that engulfs your entire head when the humidity is just right, like kudzu on a mountainside, well, summer is not the kindest of seasons to you. I like spring, though. Spring around here is cold rain and a lot of mud, becoming gentle breezes and mountainsides that remind me of a wise elderly woman dressed in a colorful shawl.

But darn it, the Groundhog lied this year. Looks like we’re headed from winter to summer at 90 mph with no break in extremes. Just a little light snowThis picture was taken just last week!

If there is one context in which I am looking forward to summer, it is in the fact that I’m close to releasing The Boys of Summer, and I can’t tell you how excited I am about that, as well as the upcoming events at Galacticon and ComicPalooza. There will be more details on both of these things in the upcoming weeks. I have to confess, I’m torn between wanting the time to pass quickly so these highly anticipated events will just hurry up and arrive already–and acknowledging that I have *far* too much to do between now and then to wish those days away.

Right now, I have an interview going on with Anne Barwell–do check it out! I love being interviewed! I love it when people ask me thought-provoking questions and I can just relax and play a little. 🙂 And for your viewing pleasure, have some lambs!

Did I mention there’s an excerpt from The Boys of Summer in my interview? Now that’s a good reason to skip spring!

Spring Lambs

2 thoughts on “Don’t blink–You Just Missed Spring!

    • *grins*

      I’ve been complaining about how cold it’s been all winter–and today, I was roasting because of the sudden weather change. No joke, a week ago, I was typing wearing fingerless mittens–now I’m sitting in shorts and wondering if I’ll be able to sleep tonight in my stuffy little room. The joys of no central heat or air. *sigh*

      I’d just like to have a brief period of time in which I was comfortable, you know? Sadly, I think these weather extremes are going to be the way of the future.

      Do you guys get the crushing humidity with the heat in the Midwest? Where it feels like you’re trying to breathe underwater? If not, I’ll trade you for the snowstorms… maybe. 🙂
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