Five Stars and a Top Pick for the Boys of Summer from The Romance Rewiews!

The Boys of Summer400x600Well, I started out this morning with too much to do in the allotted time before heading out the door for work. Here I am dashing about, and when I finally check my emails, I discover this fantastic review from The Romance Reviews for the Boys of Summer!

Reviewer/author Susan Mac Nicol had some lovely things to say about the story: Ms Madison writes with a wonderful flowing style, her words effortless and magical, drawing you into her story. This book is not filled with sex but more sensuality, and when the sex does happen, wow! It’s intimate, loving and filled with emotional overtones. I loved David and his endless supply of optimism, his surprise at his inner strength when he actually manages to survive a plane crash and become Rick’s ‘doctor’. And the quiet, strong, determined Rick, who’s also finding himself with feelings beyond what he thinks he wants, is a wonderfully rich character.

Find out what else she had to say at the website! What a terrific way to start the day!

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