Ooops! Sarah Madison did it again…

Writer personOver-extended herself, that is. 😉

I sat down this morning to jot out a quick post about all the things I have coming up this next week, and I ended up having to make a page of links first. Because oh my! I’d better pull out my running shoes this coming week…

First, a bit of nice news: I’ve had some truly delightful reviews come in recently, not only on The Boys of Summer, but also on some of my older works as well. This has served to both spur me on to finishing long-promised sequels while at the same time scared the pants off of me. What if I can’t produce anything to live up to these reviews? What if anything from here on out it anti-climatic? Well, the truth is, not every book is going to be a winner, but if I start worrying about performance before it’s even left the start box, this pony is going nowhere fast. Time enough to worry about things when I’ve actually finished a story!

The Boys of Summer400x600Right. So, reviews. I received a terrific review for The Boys of Summer by Joyfully Jay. The review does contain spoilers, but they are behind a cut, so if you haven’t read TBOS yet, do check it out! I also discovered a review on Amazon that made me laugh–Myristica stated that she wished The Boys of Summer would be made into a movie, and I confess, I like the idea of Hollywood hammering at my door begging for the chance to do so!

But I also recently received reviews from the Paranormal Romance Guild for Crying for the Moon and Unspeakable Words! These are older works that I hadn’t expected to get new reviews on anymore, so I was delighted to find that these stories are finding some love as well. 🙂

UnspeakableWordsCryingMoonOne of the really nice things about the release of The Boys of Summer has been an increased interest in these older stories–and has made me resolve to finally sit down and write those promised sequels! I’m working on the sequel to Unspeakable Words now, titled Walk a Mile. I have at least two sequels planned for Unspeakable Words, and the same for Crying for the Moon as well. All I have to do is make enough money to quit that day job… 🙂

My friend (and very talented writer) Margarita Gakis has just released her first novel, Trial by Fire, the first in the Covencraft series. You have to go read the blurb–it made me laugh out loud, and then run right out and buy a copy! She’s a bright new voice in the genre–you want to check this one out! Pardon the small image–it was the only one I could snag off the internet without Margarita knowing in advance! 😀

Trial By Fire

Next week, on July 2nd, I’m going to be hosting Susan Mac Nicol here, as she reveals the cover for her first M/M romance release and answers questions about her description as the ‘next E.L. James’ and writing her first novel Cassandra by Starlight. Susan recently reviewed The Boys of Summer for The Romance Reviews site, where it received a glowing 5 star review and is named one of TRR’s Top Picks! That has nothing to do with my inviting her to come join us–really! Honestly, it was the E.L. James thing. 😀

I’m also going to be hosting a book discussion with the Paranormal Romance Guild on July 2nd–details to follow! And from July 4th through the 7th, I’m going to be participating in the Equal Rights Blog Hop! What better way to celebrate the end of DOMA then to join Queer Town Abbey in the hosting of the first annual Equal Rights Blog Hop? Because civil rights are something fought for once and won–never to be defended again. It’s an ongoing struggle. However, for the moment, we’re celebrating–and there’s still time for you to sign up as well! You can join the hop through July 2nd–posting begins on the 4th!

And last but not least, I’m doing a radio interview on the talk radio blog show Write on the Edge on July 5th! I know, what was I thinking? I was thinking I like to talk and that it would be fun to be interviewed on the radio, that’s what! More details to follow on this as well, when I get links to post. So yeah, over-booked a little much? But man, we’re going to have some fun!

2 thoughts on “Ooops! Sarah Madison did it again…

  1. a sequel to Unspeakable Words, my most favourite of your novels???!!!??? YIPPIE!!! Walk A Mile sounds right up my alley 🙂 I’ll be watching here and LJ eagerly for more news!!

    • You made me laugh! Actually, every time I get this reaction I have two thoughts: the first is that I didn’t realize how many people enjoyed Unspeakable Words–I really didn’t! The second is guilt for not working on the sequel sooner. I hope it lives up to your expectations! 😀
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