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Hey! It’s a dreary rainy day here with the promise of thunderstorms and I am glad, glad, glad! 🙂

Snow Kenya_resizedBecause that means I am perfectly justified in staying indoors today and working on various projects when I would otherwise be tempted into going out with the dog or riding the horse. It’s a struggle sometimes when you have to pick and choose which of the things you love doing because there aren’t enough hours in the day to do them all.

I’m busily working on the sequel to Unspeakable Words, entitled Walk a Mile, in which Special Agent John Flynn would do anything to reverse the terrible curse he’s been given–and that journey leads him and Jerry Parker back to Flynn’s old stomping grounds in Washington D.C. where I do horrible things to happen to them. *grins evilly* UnspeakableWords

I’m also working on a fanfic story–yes, I still write fanfic. Someday I’ll write a post as to why that is so and how important I think it is to the creative process as a whole. I know there are a lot of people out there who think fanfic is somehow the red-haired bastard child of the writing family, but I think the love of favorite characters is what drives authors of all types to pour their hearts out on paper–and this process should be applauded in a world where the two-second sound bite is king. We need more than LOL cats and pithy one-liners to feed our souls. 🙂

Which is why part of the reason I am contemplating expanding my writing genres and why I have created another pen name to that purpose. Do drop by and check out my post on pen names over at The Purple Tea House! Leaving a comment there will also enter you to win a copy of The Boys of Summer!

The Boys of Summer400x600

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