The Boys of Summer is a Sizzling Summer Read!

cold rain KenyaIt’s a chilly day here, with the rain coming down hard. A good day to stay curled up on the couch with a sizzling hot summer read! The Boys of Summer is a featured read on the Sizzling Summer Read Party this week from June 6-10!

The Sizzling Summer Reads Party is all month long, from June 1-30–and you wouldn’t believe the prizes being offered or the authors being showcased! Like puzzles and contests? Head over to the site and get lost for hours playing games and answering questions about your favorite romances (hints provided!). Each question answered or puzzle solved gains you points toward winning the Grand Prize! You must register on the site to enter, however–it’s the only way they can keep track of the points!

So if your day looks like the one above, and you’re thinking about a day that looks like this instead: photo_30486_20110214

Then, what are you waiting for! Head out to the ‘beach’ today! TRRSizzlingSummerReadsBoxAd

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