The Novel Approach Gives The Boys of Summer a 4.5 star review!

The Boys of Summer400x600I was poking around Goodreads instead of going to bed on time (as I should be doing because I have an early start tomorrow) and discovered that The Novel Approach has given The Boys of Summer a 4.5 star review!

What a delightful surprise! I mean, I knew I’d submitted The Boys of Summer for review, but I never expected them to post something so quickly! And what better way to encourage me to get off my duff and finish the sequel to Unspeakable Words. It’s coming along slowly–I’m at what should be the halfway point now but it feels like I’m going to have to do some trimming to make things balance out correctly. Mostly I’m getting a feel for Jerry and Flynn again, which is made more complicated by the fact that I’ve completely thrown them both for a loop! Yes, I know none of that really means anything to you right now, but it will, oh it will! *rubs hands together evilly*

blurry pool HMy work schedule shows no sign of letting up for the next month or so, but fortunately, I can stay at the cabin tomorrow evening. That means lounging by the pool until dark while the dog runs around and blows off some steam. I can read in the hot tub if I so desire, and then come indoors to no internet, no television, and a tired, happy dog–the best inducement to a productive evening writing, I’d say!

I’m finding it hard to balance the writing with my main day job–and simply living my life right now. There have been some good articles posted recently that I intend to link to and discuss in more detail: articles that talk about the professional writer versus the hobbyist, and how most of us aren’t going to be overnight successes. Some of these articles suggest that perhaps we’re not suffering enough for our art–those of us who work other jobs, or have families, or I dunno, choose to do laundry more than once a month. Suffice for the moment to say that I am of the opinion that if you are always behind your monitor, tippy-tapping away at the keyboard, how can you possibly have anything of any interest to share with anyone? There is more to life than merely surviving it, and more to being a writer than mere imagination. When it comes down to it, there’s more to being a writer than social media and self-promotion too. So I applaud Brian Keene’s decision to turn down a dream job that wasn’t right for him at this time in his life–and his decision to be a dad to Turtle first and a writer second. And I will come back and speak more on these subjects in the future.

For now, yay for the excellent review! I *am* delighted. But it’s time for me to scale back on my internet interactions for a while and get some serious work done. I find when I am working as hard as I am at the day job, I am usually too fried in the evening to come home and write a first draft. It is far easier to faffle around online: commenting here, sharing a LOL or George Takei picture there, or writing a blog post than it is to concentrate on telling the story that wants to be awkward at the moment. But more and more I come back to the realization that I used  to write the equivalent of a novella a month while working these same hours–and my internet time is bordering on an addiction. Time to step away from Facebook and the like, and get on with the business at hand–namely the next story.

Summer toesIn the meantime, I won’t say no to sipping a cold glass of raspberry lemonade while sitting in the hot tub.

Holy crap, would you look at the time? I’m really going to hate myself in the morning…another reason for scheduling a little less internet time. Sleep. There’s only so much you can short-change yourself before you start making stupid mistakes both at work and in your writing. 🙂

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