The Universe has its laugh, interviews, and A Summer Fling on Sale!

Well, just this morning, I was reflecting on the fact that I was finally starting to get a little bit ahead. The economy is improving. Work is picking up. My stories are selling well. Wonderful reviews are coming in for them, especially The Boys of Summer.

Note to self: don’t tempt the Universe into dealing you a smackdown.

On the way home from a routine doctor’s appointment this afternoon, something flew up off the interstate (or maybe off a passing vehicle) and landed in the middle of my rear window. The glass shattered, spiderwebbing across the entire window. It held together long enough for me to get off the highway, but then collapsed inside the car, sending glass everywhere. I’m grateful the dog wasn’t with me: his crate took the worst of the glass. It was everywhere. I was coated in glass dust and slivers, managing to cut myself on glass shards I never even saw as I tried to extricate myself and my belongings from the car.

Broken GlassAfter my initial reaction, which was to call the insurance company and then burst into tears, I realized it could have been much worse. Hell, a piece of road debris caused me to roll my car at 70 mph on the same interstate a few years back. This was nothing.

Except that it is going to cost me a pretty penny to fix. So point to you, Universe! I won’t make the mistake of thinking maybe I can take a deep breath and anticipate making a dent in my debt any time soon. Hah-hah, you’re a funny bastard.

In happier news, I have two new interviews out right now. Both were interesting to participate in: and I think if you read the two side by side, you’d get a very different image of who I am and what I write–and why I write. I find the process of being interviewed fascinating. I hope you’ll check them out and comment on them too–I love hearing what you guys have to say. I have one interview with Fiona Mcvie and another with Nat Wood. Stop by and let me know what you think!

summer_fling--segoe_print_reversed_copySo to acknowledge the Universe’s sense of humor, I’ve decided to reduce the price on A Summer Fling across the board at all of its outlets to just 0.99 cents. Consider it a Broken Glass sale. I would deeply appreciate it if you passed this word on to all your followers and friends. It’s a great way to sample my work without a major investment and it would be great fun for me to see the story rise on the sales list. Thanks!

And last but not least, the BF took me to a women’s soccer game the other night. Soccer is his passion, not mine, but it was a mild summer evening and I thought, hey, why not? Why not indeed? Turns out one of the players had some serious fanboys, all of whom turned up shirtless and painted with the letters of her name. Needless to say, plot bunnies ran rampant that evening…

Soccer Fanboy

11 thoughts on “The Universe has its laugh, interviews, and A Summer Fling on Sale!

  1. Oh no, how awful! I didn’t even know car windows could just fall apart like that. I’m glad you’re basically okay, even if your car isn’t.

    The soccer story makes me think of the time in college that a group of my guy friends (including my boyfriend) painted their naked chests with the letters of our dorm name at a bonfire. I think I still have pictures of that somewhere (actual prints taken with actual camera film!). Fun times …

    • Thank you! It was incredibly alarming at the time but it was also interesting to me how the glass held together for as long as it did–the tempered glass means that it won’t explode on you–but the damage was incredibly extensive. There’s nothing left of the rear window at all. It fractured into thousands of tiny shards that kept falling into the back of the car.

      Hah! I remember when digital cameras first came out and the images were so bad, I predicted they would never replace film. Little did I know!

    • Thank you! I’m just glad the dog wasn’t in the car. I had to remind myself to give the car a wide berth this morning because there is no way I got up all the broken glass. THAT’s going to be problematic for a while–that and the fact it’s supposed to rain today. But the glass guys are coming tomorrow–hopefully it won’t rain then or they can’t fix it until it is sunny again (which could take a while around here!)
      Sarah Madison recently posted..The Universe has its laugh, interviews, and A Summer Fling on Sale!My Profile

  2. Damn! You just can’t catch a break, can you? Er, well THAT pun was really unintended. I know how you feel. Every time my health gets to be up to 90% or so, I’ve learned NOT to start feeling like things are looking up. I’ve had too many falls (literally in some cases) afterwards. Sigh.

    I take it Smashwords finally is paying you for TBOS? I remember you saying they were rather slow at first.

  3. DAMN IT! I JUST BOUGHT THAT STORY AND IT’S RELATIVES LAST WEEK AT RETAIL! (Joking, sort of. I bought them, but have no regrets. But unwanted advice FTR) πŸ™‚

    Seriously, I’m glad you’re okay. I went through that several years ago in a friend’s car and stone truck. We were both terrified the windshield would give out before we got to safety, since the tempered glass is basically a palliative, and not meant to last long.

    Also, the universe not only has a bad sense of humor, it has a bad sense of timing, and knows it. Bastard.

    • Ah, then you know how terrifying it is to be rolling along and BAM, something hits your car like a bullet and you watch the glass shatter and cave in as you drive… I did manage to get off the highway, but you’re right, the glass didn’t hold up long and began falling in sheets into the car.

      I think the Universe has an excellent sense of timing–it waits for you to take a deep breath and think maybe everything will be okay after all before it sucker punches you. πŸ˜‰

      I don’t know how to get rid of the faces on the comments–I know it randomly generates them unless you sign in with another word press account. But I think your mad face is kind of appropriate, don’t you? πŸ™‚

      And thank you so much for buying the stories! THAT brought a smile to my face this morning (as I sit at home, waiting for the glass vampires to come and suck my wallet dry…)!
      Sarah Madison recently posted..The Universe has its laugh, interviews, and A Summer Fling on Sale!My Profile

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