Fall into Romance… The Romance Reviews Fall Hop and Giveaway!

Red trees_resizedToday begins the Fall into Romance Blog Hop on The Romance Reviews, and it made me realize that my favorite season is just about to begin. For years, I’ve jokingly referred to autumn as my “Holy Season”. Give me boots and sweaters over sandals and sundresses any day. I love the cool clear mornings when the air is so fresh it is like biting into a crisp apple. The crunchy sound of leaves underfoot on the sidewalk, the wet earthy smell of the ground, the delicate spines of frost on the grass in the mornings. The first day when you realize the leaves are starting to turn, or you hear the honking of geese overhead, or when the temperature drops by twenty degrees… oh yes, I smile and dream of pumpkin pie, and cups of hot chocolate, and the first night we light a fire in the hearth.

Oh yes. Spring is nice, but give me autumn any day.

Fall Romance Review HopSo as part of the The Romance Reviews Fall in Romance celebration, I’m doing a Q&A and a giveaway. There are lots of featured authors, prizes, and contests, so go check it out!  If you are here seeking the answer to the giveaway, it is: A World War 2 listening post. Want to know the question? Check out the Q&A here on The Romance Reviews Event page (question #66).

In other news, I recently got an outstanding review for Crying for the Moon from Rainbow Book Reviews! It was completely unexpected and it made my day!

I also found out that The Boys of Summer is on Amazon’s Best Gay Romance list as determined by reader ratings. I didn’t even know such a list existed! It’s only number 65 on the list, but let me tell you, it is an honor to be on a list that includes some of the best known titles in the genre. If you ever thought reader reviews didn’t matter, you’re wrong! And you guys are the best, you know that, right? 🙂

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