A short Halloween Scene with the boys from Crying for the Moon

jackolanternTalk about embarrassing! I’d completely forgotten that my post as part of Merissa McCain‘s Paranormal Month was up today until I got emails and tweets about it! *redface*

I’ve been swamped with obligations recently, definitely a case of biting off more than I could chew. It’s a problem I struggle with on a frequent basis. Right now, I’m gearing up for a major blog tour–I’ve written 8 blog posts and done 3 interviews for it, and I still have interviews and blog posts to host here. All while writing the sequel to Unspeakable Words, which is tentatively titled Walk A Mile. I broke the 50 K mark on it yesterday, and have at least 30 K to go. I’m hoping to get it done by the end of November as sort of an unofficial Nano project. 🙂

But it has made me very lax about joining in on conversations here and there, especially in cases like Paranormal Month, and in some of my friend’s blog tours. Susan MacNicol is touring with her newest bestselling M/M romance, Saving Alexander, and will be stopping by here later in November. I’m also hosting Draven St. James‘s new release Scent of a Wolf in early November. So, yeah, I probably shouldn’t have taken on something else on top of that! I love October, however, and Halloween. I love fall leaves and glowing pumpkins (and everything pumpkin, for that matter!). I love tall boots and leather coats and the hint of mystery in the air. It’s hard for me to refuse something like Paranormal Month! I’ve been terribly remiss about commenting on other people’s posts on Merissa’s blog, however, so I can’t expect people to turn out for mine. You’d be doing me a big favor if you’d go check them out, though!

CryingMoon_pr2And if you’d like to read a little short scene I wrote last year featuring Alex and Tate from Crying for the Moon, that’s posted here today. Crying for the Moon was a recommended read by jessewave reviews for August 2011, and a winner of a Recommend Read Award by Coffee Times Romance. It also was first runner-up in the Love Romances and More Golden Rose Awards for 2011 for best paranormal romance. Recently it was listed as one of the top 15 paranormal M/M romances written in the last three years by review Lasha for jessewave.There are two sequels planned, you know, in my copious free time. 😉

Which is why I plan to downscale my activity here and abroad until I can get some of these stories written!


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