Don’t Let Social Media Interfere with Your Writing: Day 7 of The Boys of Summer Book Tour

Small_Banner_Boys_of_SummerWow, so The Boys of Summer Book Tour is in its second (and final) week) What a blast we’ve been having so far! Yesterday was incredibly busy. I had a meeting with my writers critique group in the morning, and then a live Twitter Chat–which was incredibly fun if a bit frenzied! I should receive a transcript of it sometime today–that should be interesting! I also went out to the barn to ride the mare in the afternoon (brrr, it was near freezing here, which made for an…ah, invigorating ride).

Right, so, I have a post up on Sid Love’s blog: Sex in Your Stories: The Goldilocks Effect. How much sex should you put in your stories? What’s too much? Too little? Just right?

I have another post today with Kathy from Book Reviews and More on social media and not letting it interfere with your writing (oh, the irony–I’m working on piece right now that keeps getting side-tracked for that very reason!) Anyway, do come on out, drop by the blog posts, leave a comment and check out the Rafflecopter for additional ways to enter to win a $50 gift card from Amazon. Thanks!

chocolate chip_wikipedia.orgI’m working on a free holiday short story featuring Rick and David from The Boys of Summer–to be posted on the last day of the tour (Dec 22) on my website! More details to follow!


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