MJ O’Shea shares “Newton’s Laws of Attraction”

newtonslawsofattraction_finalHi everyone! Today we’re spotlighting MJ O’Shea and her latest Dreamspinner Press release, Newton’s Laws of Attraction!

MJ O’Shea is here to share a little bit about what this holiday season means to her, as well as an excerpt from her newest release!

And now… MJ!

Christmas, for me, has always been about family — about decorating with my mom and giving ourselves goofy holiday manicures, baking, visiting my grandparents, going on walks and taking strings of fruit for the deer in the park. I’ve never associated Christmas with falling in love.

But New Years? New Year’s is for romance 🙂 It doesn’t have to be falling in love, exactly, there are all kind of romance to be found in places you’d never expect. Maybe it can be a general sort romance, a magical night where everything is shiny and new and all kinds of things are possible, maybe it’s just the romance of a really close group of friends, pretty glittery things and a few great drinks. No matter what, that night has always been romantic for me, no matter what form.

homecooked dinner flickr commons But of course it doesn’t hurt to have that one fantastic midnight kiss:) It can be from someone you’ve loved for years, a new fling, maybe even a mysterious stranger! Magic and romance can come in lots of forms. In Newton’s Laws of Attraction, I tried to give my two main characters, Ben and Rory, that magical fun night with friends and the kind of New Year’s kiss that makes everything perfect…

Newton’s Law of Attraction

By MJ O’Shea

Publisher Dreamspinner Press

Genre M/M Contemporary        

Release Date 11/27/13

Blurb: Rory was Ben’s oldest and best friend until senior year of high school, when they confessed they’d harbored feelings for each other all along. They enjoyed only a few months of happiness until Ben chose closeted popularity over true love… and he’s regretted it ever since.

Eight years later, Ben is out and proud and teaching art at the same high school he graduated from. When he learns the chemistry teacher is retiring, he’s excited to meet her replacement until he finds out the brand new teacher is none other than Rory Newton—the first love he’s never quite gotten over. Despite a painfully awkward start, it doesn’t take Ben long to realize he’ll do whatever it takes to win Rory back. But it’s starting to look like even his best might not be enough.

NEW YEARS was a giddy, blurry night. Ben still couldn’t quite believe what had become of his life, how much things had changed since September. The guys, Jeremy’s wife, Pinky, and a few of her musician friends had gathered at Sugarshack for a silly night of dancing and drinking in a room full of strangers. Ben had thought that things might be weird between him and Rory in front of their friends, that maybe they wouldn’t touch, or that Rory would pull away like he had been all fall. Not even close.

Who knew if it was the alcohol or the high from a room full of glittery happy people, but Rory acted nothing like Ben had expected. Their whole group did a round of shots when they first got there, and then Ben nearly got knocked to the ground by an exuberant Rory who wanted to dance. He laughed and held out his hand, which Rory used to drag him out to the dance floor. They’d never danced together before. Ben was pretty glad because he was rather sure he couldn’t have handled it. Even with the others crowding around them—Fen laughing and spinning Pinky, Jeremy and Delia bouncing up and down, Pinky’s friends joining the show—it still felt like he and Rory were alone and quiet in the eye of a raging storm of people, touching, grinding, pressing closer and closer.

They danced and touched and laughed and drank and touched, and Ben wanted to kiss Rory so damn bad, but he didn’t know what was acceptable. The clock counted down to midnight, to another year gone. For the first time in ages, Ben didn’t feel that year had been like a black wasted hole. He was finally where he wanted to be. Almost, at least.

It seemed like only a few minutes had passed when the actual countdown began. Ben had been at the bar with Fen when it started, but he looked out over the crowd, searching for a glowing head of caramel waves. There he was, and he was looking for Ben too, head popping up over the crowd until they connected gazes, and Rory’s face broke open into a huge grin. So that’s the way it was.

Ben turned away from the bar and surged through the crowd. Ten, nine… there he was, only a few feet away. Five, four… he reached Rory, and they just stood there for a second. But then Rory’s hands were reaching out toward Ben’s, and their fingers entwined, and fuck it. He didn’t care. When the crowd shouted, ringing in the new year, he rubbed his nose against Rory’s and kissed him, kissed him like none of their friends were ten feet away, probably with their mouths wide open, but hopefully, finding their own kiss, their own moment of happiness. He kissed him like, well, like he was in love and it was a beautiful night and anything was possible. That’s what it felt like, no matter what the truth was. They drew away from each other, smiling and goofy.

“Happy New Year, Ro,” Ben whispered in his ear.

“You too, Ben.”

I hope you enjoyed the little excerpt, and thank you for having me!!

My pleasure, MJ! I hope you’ll come back again sometime! You an find mind online at the following links:

Website: http://mjoshea.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MjOsheaSeattle

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mj.oshea.5

Goodreads http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/3512511.M_J_O_Shea

About MJ O’Shea:

I’m Mj O’Shea, author of erotic romance–well all sorts of romance actually, that’s just what’s been published so far!

I grew up, and still live, in sunny Washington state and while I love to visit other places, I can’t imagine calling anywhere else home.

I spent my childhood writing stories. Sometime in my early teens, the stories turned to romance. Most of those were about me, my friends, and our favorite tv stars. Hopefully, I’ve come a long way since then…

Right now, I have four books published through Republica Press (click on the link to visit their site), but I’m constantly working on new projects.

When I’m not writing, I love to play the piano and cook and paint pictures…and of course read. It’s nearly impossible to work on my own writing when I’ve gotten myself hooked into a great new book:) I like sparkly girly girl things, own at least twenty different colored headbands, and I have a little white dog with a ginger eye spot who sits with me when I write. Sometimes she comes up with ideas for me too…when she’s not napping.


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