Writer’s Block:The Elephant in the Room by Sarah Madison

handwriting_flickrIt’s day…five? of The Boys of Summer Book Tour and I’m at TCC Books and More today, with a blog post about writer’s block as well as a very nice four star review from MM Good Book Reviews!

If you’re here for the final day of the Queer Town Abbey Christmas Blog Hop (and the cookie recipe I can no longer eat) then you want to go to this link here. It will tell you all about the hop and the great prizes up for grabs!

A little about writer’s block before I dash off to work today: it happens to almost every dedicated writer at some point in their writing careers. And I can tell you from personal experience, when your wells of physical and emotional energy are tapped dry, it is very hard to be creative. Ditto, when you are breathing hard on little embers of baby stories, trying to force them into flames to keep you warm because you need this story to do well.

But take heart–there are ways of battling that elephant and getting him out of your house without having to knock down walls! Enjoy!


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