Dreamspinner is having a Winter Wonderland Sale

DSP Winter WonderlandThere’s all kinds of fun going on at Dreamspinner Press this weekend! Is that not the most beautiful banner you’ve ever seen? I love winter (as long as I can finally get warm at the end of the day) and I love scenes like this. And look! The entire store is discounted! Woot!

That means if you’ve been waiting to catch a sale before loading up your Christmas e-reader, here’s your chance! It also means 90% of my stories are on sale at the moment! Looking for a little paranormal romance? How about vampires and werewolves making unlikely friends? Add a drop-dead gorgeous, irrepressible human into the mix and you’ve got Crying for the Moon. Want something a little out of the ordinary? How about gargoyles! You’ve never met anyone–man or beast–quite like Rodney, the philosophical gargoyle from Raincheck. Or maybe sci-fi is more your speed? Rhys and Jim are two co-workers who fall in love…who also happen to live and work in outer space in Practice Makes Perfect.

If you’ve been thinking that it’s high time you read Unspeakable Words because you know the sequel, Walk a Mile will be coming out sometime this year, well congratulations! Now is your time to snag it too! Tell your friends! The sale ends Monday Jan 27th–all the details are on Dreamspinner. Have a yen for print books but also like having a copy on your e-reader? Me too! When you buy a print copy from Dreamspinner, you get access to e-copies as well!

Snow Hawkeye-resizedDreamspinner is also hosting a cool event where you post a picture of your own winter wonderland–the view from your backyard–to either their blog page, their Facebook page, or to their Twitter account. The pictures will be made into a giant collage by Paul Richmond (who did the fabulous cover for Unspeakable Words) and made into a wallpaper for anyone who wants it. Details on their blog page. πŸ™‚ Be sure to check out their other events and offerings (including free stories) while you are there!

So, even if the Polar Vortex is making your life miserable at the moment, there is reason to celebrate! A hot cup of tea, a warm blanket, and a good book make any afternoon or evening better. πŸ™‚




6 thoughts on “Dreamspinner is having a Winter Wonderland Sale

  1. Heh, it’s supposed to be -0 where I live this weekend. I just bought 3 e-books from them so I’m occupied, and wondered why they were one sale. God forbid I actually read anything on the site but authors and recommendations. Now I know.

    Any author recs from you? I know you can’t play favorites in public, but feel free to contact me elsewhere. You’ve never steered me wrong when you gave me author pseudonyms who wrote in fandom .

    Am chomping at the bit (horse reference!) for your next book.

    • I just got a copy of A Minor Inconvenience by Sarah Granger on Samhain Press and I’m loving it! Details and link on Anna Butler’s website!

      As for Dreamspinner authors, Anna Butler has written some great short stories if you are into anthologies. Kate Sherwood is awesome, as is Andrew Grey and Amy Lane. Oh! And Andrea Speed writes some wickedly cool sci-fi and paranormal stories! My friend Cooper West has some great contemporaries out there, and has a shifter story coming up sometime this spring/summer. And Aundrea Singer’s Blackhawk Tattoo is not to be missed!
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      • Well, you’re no help. Sighs. You introduced me to Aundrea Singer ages ago. I think she was the first M/M author I bought after you.

        “Kate Sherwood is awesome, as is Andrew Grey and Amy Lane.”

        Yes, I know from personal reading. I love each of these authors. I really hate my tendency to start with the best. I actually had a teacher in high school who told me she was baffled by my ability to hone in on excellent writers, but could never write anything but purple prose on overly sentimental crap. She was right, sadly.

        I’ll check out Sarah Granger, and Cooper West, although I am leery about shifter stories. Too much like the Twihard series, and reminds me too much of the Alpha/Omega/Knotting fanfic out there I hate. I draw the line at bestiality. TMI?

        I’m also reading “Billy’s Bones” by Jamie Fessenden right now, and am loving it and hurting at the same time. Sorry bout that. I think he beat you in the Rainbow awards. Painful story about child abuse of all kinds (no descriptions, so far, thank God), PTSD (been there, done that, for near death experience), platonic naked males (YUM), and black lab puppies.

        • Well, most of Cooper’s work is contemporary–I mentioned the shifter because it was up and coming! I’ve heard great things about Billy Bones! You’ll have to give me the the low down on it when you’re finished (as in no lab puppies were hurt in the telling of this story). πŸ˜€

          • Umm, no? Puppies were…scared so far, then rescued? He missed his one of his Daddies, and ran off, but was found, and cuddled? This is a hard book to get through.

            Man, I miss Mac1, Mac2, and Mac3. Awesome black labs.

            Er, I also miss their owner, my brother’s f-i-l? Who I’ve known since 1975, and died in 2011?
            NOPE. Still miss his dogs more that him. Bastard.

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