Why “Frozen” Embodies Everything the GOP Fears Most

Frozen_GOT Mashup

Frozen_GOT Mashup

Okay, so this isn’t the first time I’ve written about the movie Frozen. The first time was with delight, to share how much this movie resonated with me and how much I identified with Elsa, always hiding who she really was for the good of her people, to please her parents, for intentions well-meant but ultimately wrong for her. The second time I posted about it was in response to some of the ludicrous reactions that followed: that by breaking with the standard Disney traditions of the ‘princess’ being rescued by the Prince in the end, Frozen was somehow dangerous and should be prohibited viewing for young, formative minds.

Today’s post takes that theme a bit farther into darker territory. To be honest, I am reeling from the recent SCOTUS decision handed down in favor of Hobby Lobby ruling that they are exempt from having to provide health insurance for their employees that does not agree with their religious beliefs. In one single action, SCOTUS has determined that corporations are things that can hold beliefs, that the religious beliefs of one set of people trump the access to basic health care for another set of people, that employers have a say-so in their employees health care, and that women are second-class citizens. Ruth Ginsberg was right when she stated in her scathing rebuttal of the decision that this was opening a minefield. Already corporations are filing lawsuits to not cover other kinds of birth control under the same reasoning. One of the things I find most damning in the SCOTUS decision is the mandate that this ruling pertains to certain kinds of birth control only: that it in no way should be taken to mean that other forms of health care, which might also be forbidden or offensive to certain religions, will be subject to the same exemptions based on religious beliefs.

Oh. I see. It’s not people needing blood transfusions or having allergic reactions to shellfish that you are discriminating against. Just women who want to have some control over family planning. I had a woman respond to one of my tweets on the subject by saying “I don’t want my tax dollars going to support some other woman’s immorality.” That’s what it really boils down to. Sex is for procreation only, and if any woman indulges in it for any other purpose, well, then she is a dirty skank. Note that the prohibition doesn’t apply to men. After all, boys will be boys, right?  Let’s completely ignore the fact that many, many women take birth control for medical reasons (I was one such person, who could not function with erratic periods that hit without warning, resulting in overwhelming nausea and blackouts. Without birth control, I was simply not functional for several weeks out of every month) Let’s eliminate the case of the woman who gets pregnant as a result of rape as being “God’s will”.  So let me get this straight. It’s not God’s will that some man can’t get it up? What purpose is there for Viagra besides sex?

I was tempted to respond to my twitter troll by saying that I didn’t want my tax dollars going to support her church, but really, that’s not true. I haven’t minded the fact that my tax dollars goes to support schools when I have no children, and fire departments when I’ve never had a fire–simply because I believe in the idea of communities and having support available to all when they do need it.  However, if churches are going to become such huge political entities, I think we need to re-think their tax-exempt status.

GOP PLan for WomenI’ve read several excellent and damning articles on the subject over the last few days. Best selling author Kate Aaron has written an insightful essay into why we all should be worried about what this Supreme Court ruling means. She says what I’ve been saying about the implications of this ruling with far more eloquence than I have; you should read her post. I also read an excellent article posted by Salon this morning, which states what I’ve been saying all along: the only thing the GOP finds more frightening than the mythical “Gay Agenda” is the Independent Woman.

And that’s the heart of the antagonism toward Frozen by certain parties. If you haven’t watched the “Let it Go” scene (and where have you been, hiding under a rock?) then I invite you to watch it now. Go on. I’ll wait.

Did you see it? The most frightening thing to ever appear in a movie! *gasp* The heroine who discovers the power within herself to be herself–without a man standing at her side. Notice, too, how Elsa’s transformation into her true self was decidedly sexy and seductive–and yet with no other motive than because it pleased her to look that way. In another stunning twist on the old tropes, it isn’t Kristoff who saves the day when Anna is turning to ice (though it would have been a nice ending–Kristoff’s a good guy and he *isn’t* a prince, so Disney could have stopped there and it would have been trope-breaking enough). No, Anna’s last act before turning into a solid block of ice is to rush to her sister’s defense. To throw herself between her sister and the sword about to fall. Her sister.

You would have thought that this act of sisterly love would have embodied the core of the GOP’s professed ‘family values’. What could be more pure than the love two sisters have for each other? What could be nobler than the self-sacrificing act Anna made (which incidentally ended up saving her own life)? Nothing.

So how did Frozen come to represent the mythical Gay Agenda? Why were people jumping up and down and screaming that it promoted lesbianism, among other things? The answer is quite simple–and yet very ugly at the same time. As of the most recent US Census, women outnumber men in this country. Women represent 41.6% of the workforce (for which they average salaries over $10 K less annually than men). Single, independent women tend to vote democratic. There. I said it. It all boils down to politics. So why target Frozen as the work of the Gay Agenda? Because it’s safe to do so. Because the far right can still ramp up its political base with the words ‘gay’ and ‘lesbian’. They are doing a good job of ramping up their base with the word ‘slut’ as well. And every single term is considered a permissible form of name-calling in today’s media.

But there was no slutty behavior in Frozen. And to scream, “But look at her! She’s promoting being a Strong, Independent Woman!” would sort of point out the GOP’s real agenda: to keep women financially dependent on men. It’s a harder sell to say, “Don’t let your little girl watch Frozen, as she might grow up to be able to think for herself!” than it is to say, “LESBIAN ALERT!!”

The fact that all of these words are used to denigrate and subjugate one group of people to the belief system of another is wrong. It needs to stop before we see the gradual erosion of civil rights across the board. You think I’m being overly pessimistic, don’t you? Perhaps. But I keep seeing posts about fathers making their daughters sign ‘purity pledges’ (and taking creepy photos with them like they were Prom dates or something–what’s up with that?) and men advocating keeping your daughters at home, preventing them from being sullied with education, and the like. So, yeah. I believe if we don’t wake up, we’ll be fighting to keep our very right to *vote* in another thirty or so years.

Talk to your boss

But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe all of this has finally woken the sleeping dragon at last. You know the one I mean. The middle-aged woman who has been too tired to get involved in politics because she’s been too busy taking care of her elderly parents, and her own family, and working a full time job for less money than her male co-workers. She’s been up to her neck in house payments, and dealing with chronic illness, and surviving on too little sleep and anti-depressants, and burning the candle at both ends only to scrape up the wax and slap it back on the wick again because if she gives up and flops down on the couch, there is no-one else to get everything done. And this woman is *angry*. Most of the women I know are furious right now. And you know what? The GBLTQ community has our back because we have THEIR back. Since I’ve never met a homophobe who wasn’t also misogynistic and racist, it only makes sense that we support each other. And we’ll remember this come election time.

Dear GOP: Winter is coming.


8 thoughts on “Why “Frozen” Embodies Everything the GOP Fears Most

  1. This week has been a real reminder of WHY we all have to be involved in the political process. This SCOTUS has more to turn the clock back than ANY court in memory. Between the gutting of the Civil Rights Act (cause you know, racism is OVER), this latest ruling giving yet MORE credence to the idiotic notion that Corporations (purpose: limit personal liability) are People and have “rights” and “beliefs” (thanks Citizens United and Religious Freedom Restoration Act *coughs* bullshit) and that those trump anyone else’s that they don’t like or happen to be female, and pretty much F*ing up the NLRB, we are in some pretty serious trouble. My Facebook Timeline this week is making me really depressed! Between this, seeing the Kickstarter for Welcome to Leith and then pretty much being told by my white straight male VERY upper middle class friends that I’m “going overboard” I just want to scream. I’m not rolling in dough, but I’ve given money to more causes in the last week that are going to need the regular folks behind them. The Koch brothers are making me sick and I just cannot understand how people are just ignoring the corruption of the entire political process all around them. I decided this week for the first time that I’m actually GLAD I’m over 50 and that I don’t have to worry about this particular issue for myself at this point. But you know what? The world is bigger than my house! We are all in this together and I’m sick of the fear mongering and divide and conquer mentality. I could go on for hours about this. But I won’t cause I’d be preaching to the choir 😉 But Judith Bader Ginsberg is my hero 😀 She was having such a good month too! She performed the wedding of David Daniels and his Scott Walters the weekend before.

    • Everything you’ve said here and more. I, too, am glad that in my own situation, access to birth control is a non-issue. I’m even more relieved I don’t have children because everything about the future saddens and disheartens me, and it would be worse if I imagined what lay ahead of any kids of mine.

      I’m not rolling in dough, either, far from it, but I’ve donated to more causes this month than I have in the last decade. I’m tired of gnashing my teeth over the acts of the Koch Brothers, and seeing how the people with the most money make all the decisions for the rest of us–including how to keep us groveling at their feet for more money to survive on.

      Damn it, I’m pissed. And I share my opinions. And I vote. I hope enough people are angry enough to make a difference come election time.
      Sarah Madison recently posted..Why “Frozen” Embodies Everything the GOP Fears MostMy Profile

  2. Starting with the “corporations are people” decision, this Court (or, rather, its neo-con majority) has been making me more & more sick to my stomach. How I wish that it was possible to kidnap the justices during summer hiatus & make them live with a poor single mom, with no way to trade on their names or usual power or wealth! Perhaps it wouldn’t make a dent in their smug, self-satisfied worldview; but maybe there’s still a spark of intelligence & integrity in there somewhere. >¦-þ~··

    Our only hope is to become squeaky wheels & shit-disturbers, to band together as Loud-Mouth Self-Confident Women!! Long, long ago, when the world was much younger & I was involved with civil disobediences on the East Coast, my favorite c.d. group was from Maine. They were men & women over 60 (several *well* over 60) & their group name was “The Maine Shit-Kickers”. I’ve always hoped I’d grow up to be like them–especially since 60 is not so far away now…. 😉

    I’ve seen that “talk to your doctor boss about birth control” graphic. I think it would be much stronger, as well as more truthful, if it also said, “and find out if it’s right cheap for you them.” Or maybe just “and find out if it’s right for you them.”

    • Hah! I like the name of that group! And one of my readers said, “Wow, we’re DRAGONS!” which also made me smile. Yes, let’s be dragons!

      I read a great response to the Public Carry laws in GA that allow people to openly carry firearms everywhere: in churches, restaurants, schools. The person suggested that if you were in a restaurant and someone came in packing a gun–get up and leave. Walk out. Leave your food on the plate. AND DON’T PAY. Tell the management you didn’t feel safe, so you left. That might get the attention of the people who make these dumbass laws.

      Yes, I’d like to see ANY member of Congress or the Supreme Court live on what I have to live on for one month–in my house, with my bills, working my job. They couldn’t do it. Hah, maybe there’s a reality show in there somewhere. 😉

      As for me. I keep going around saying “Winter is coming.” I hope it’s making some people nervous.
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