The “We’re Not at GRL” Facebook Party Sat Oct 18th!


This is the last day of the Walk a Mile book tour and your last shot at entering the Rafflecopter for the e-book giveaway before it closes. πŸ™‚ It’s been a rush, going to so many websites, chatting with people, finding out how many readers have fallen in love with Flynn and Jerry and want more from them!

Tennant You Should Be WritingBut all good things come to an end, and the best part about coming to the end of the book tour is that I can go back to doing what so many people are clamoring for: working on the next installment in the series!

I’ve still got some stops today, and will be posting the entire schedule (with links updated) tomorrow, for those wanting to get in on the giveaway at the last minute. I realize that many of you already have a copy of the prize, Unspeakable Words, so if the winner of the rafflecopter already has a copy, we’ll exchange the prize for something else from my backlist. πŸ™‚

I won’t *entirely* disappear from the internet, though! Some friends and I were chatting on Facebook about how disappointed we were that we couldn’t to to GRL 2014 this year, and how much fun everyone was having–and we decided to host our own online party! Better organizers than me quickly got on board with this idea, and so we’re going to be at Rainbow Gold Reviews holding a “We’re Not At GRL” Party this Saturday from 9 am to 9 pm EST. Come on down and join the fun because this is for everyone who can’t go to GRL as well!

Today, on the final stops of the book tour, I’ll be at MM Good Book Reviews, Jade Crystal, Velvet Panic! I hope you’ll join me to talk about Walk a Mile, find out my darkest secrets, read some reviews, and enter the giveaway!

GRLsale_DSPsiteAs part of the celebration of Gay Rom Lit weekend, Dreamspinner Press is having a sale! 25% off everything in stock, and 35% off on all GRL participating authors! Go check it out, and get a good deal on my backlist while you’re there!


4 thoughts on “The “We’re Not at GRL” Facebook Party Sat Oct 18th!

  1. I just finished Walk A Mile & I loved it just as much as Unspeakable Words!!! What a ending & a cliffhanger πŸ™‚ Have you started on the next book in the series??


    • Oh yay! Thank you! You don’t know how much I appreciate hearing that! You’ll be happy to know I’m about 25K into the next installment, tentatively titled Truth and Consequences. πŸ™‚ I’m considering going offline for a few days so I can get some good work done on it–I’d very much like to have a rough draft completed by the end of the year, but I have a lot of year-end work projects I have to get done, too, so we’ll see!

  2. Finished Walk a Mile, what can I say it was great! The ending was perfect for this installment of the series. Can’t wait for the next one, hope it will be sooner rather than later…you got me wondering what is in store for the guys next.

    • Oh yay! Thank you! I’m so glad to hear it. I know some people felt a little frustrated by the ending and I just want to run around petting people on the shoulder, telling them it will all be okay and I have a master plan, I really do! πŸ˜€ If it helps at all, I’m 25 K into the next installment, and am working on it as we speak!

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