The LGBTQ Pushback Fundraiser & Giveaway!


In the wake of the passing of the Indiana Religious Freedom and Restoration Act, a fundraiser was set up to support a family who think it’s their “right” to refuse service to LGBT customers. It raised almost $1 million dollars.

Unfortunately, a pro-LGBTQ counter-fundraiser hasn’t got nearly the same visibility. It’s one thing to tweet our outrage, or share a link on Facebook to an article that is upsetting or disturbing. It’s another matter entirely to put our money where our mouths are.

So authors Kate Aaron and AJ Rose have teamed up with reader/writer/blogger Meredith King at DiverseReader to host a very special giveaway. They’ve invited over 200 LGBTQ authors to donate books to a massive Rafflecopter giveaway at DiverseReader starting Saturday April 18th at 9 am EST and running through 11:59 pm EST on May 1st. I’ll be joining this list, and offering an e-copy (reader’s choice) of one of my stories. Readers will have a chance to win an ebook if they donate $5 to a deserving LGBT charity or share a charity donation link.

It’s a win-win for everyone! Participants get a chance at winning an e-book, but even better, we as a community get to pushback to help those in need by donating to deserving organizations that face an uphill battle in securing funding. Not to mention, I won’t mind having a list of these organizations all in one place for future donations on my part! All the details will be here on the DiverseReader post (which will not go live until 9 am EST on 4/18/15). For the price of one e-book or a fancy cup of coffee, you can make your voice heard in a manner that will count most.

You should check out the post on DiverseReader regardless–there’s a poignant short story by AJ Rose that illustrates what happens to many LGBTQ youth when their families find out about their sexuality. Hope to see you on the winner’s list!

4 thoughts on “The LGBTQ Pushback Fundraiser & Giveaway!

  1. I’ll donate. Still, while I assume that much of the money donated to those assholes was wingnut welfare from the usual mega-rich culture warriors, I’d still rather the conservative rank and file blow their money on protest chicken sandwiches and lifestyle support for idiotic posturing pizza makers than donate it to any of the dirty rainbow of organizations that actually work effectively to promote their agenda.

    Is it sickening that those people are never going to have to work again because they’re not hypothetically serving imaginary pizza to imaginary gay people? Yeah. But hey, think of all the damage that $800k could have done in the world instead of paying to send one pair of assholes to Florida a decade or so early.

  2. Hi Sarah, I just got to made a donation today to my local LGBTQ center. When I was originally looking to help out in my area, I found them through under youth. If anyone needs resources, they’re certain to find something there. Thanks for being part of this!

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