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GLAC2_resizedToday I have Rachel Sparks here sharing a little about her latest release, Giving Love a Chance. It’s a powerful story told from the heart, and I know you’ll want to know more about it, as I do! Check out the interview, and be sure to leave a comment along with your email, if you want to be entered for a chance to win an e-copy of this story!

Hello! Welcome to my blog and thank you for answering my nosy discerning questions! First, please tell us a little about yourself and the kinds of stories you like to write. Would you say there is an underlying theme behind your stories?
I love writing. I love getting immerse into a story. I like to say I’m a writer with a different message and that I’m writing from my soul. Yes there is an underlying theme behind my stories.

What part of the world do you call home? Can you tell us a little about where you grew up and where you live now?
I was born in Maryland but my parents moved back to South Carolina when I was 2 weeks old. I just moved to another city in South Carolina and I’m proud to call it home because our Mayor supports LGBT rights.

Goodness, I hope you guys are okay with all that severe flooding that’s been in the news lately!

How long have you been writing? Did you write as a child or is it something you developed a passion for later in life?
I have been writing since I was a child. I started out writing poems but I have been a published author for 11 years. Although 7 of my books are out of print.

 I see you write M/M fiction. Would you characterize your stories as M/M romance, erotica, or something in between?
I guess you could say in between. There is always a message in my books, some suspense/mystery you can say. I write from the heart.

What draws you to the M/M genre? Have you written in other genres?
Yes I have wrote other genres but I wasn’t happy. I wrote what other people expected me to write or told me to write. One day I decided to write what was in my heart/soul. I started writing M/M and I am happy.

Of the stories you’ve written, which one do you like the most? Which one would you recommend a new reader begin with?

Giving Love A Chance. This is my new release. This story is about my life… the abusive marriage I was in. I changed it into M/M. I wanted people to understand the survivor of an abusive relationship. To see it through their eyes. It is a very powerful story.

Oh wow, that’s a very powerful well from which to draw life experiences for storytelling. I’m sure your insights will help others understand what it is like to escape from a toxic relationship, and how involved the healing process can be.

What are the three most important things in your life—the things you can’t do without?
My son, daughter-in-law, fur babies… my music, my computer and Netflix

If you could have one super power or magical element from popular science fiction movies or literature, what would it be and why?
To go back in time… to fix somethings… to get the winning lottery number…

Hah! I’d like to be able to do that too!

How often does your real life experience figure into your story telling? Do you base characters or stories on your actual experiences?
A good bit. Especially my latest release Giving Love A Chance. I did base it on my life story but did put some twist to it.

Research: love it or hate it?
Love research. It is exciting because you are at the beginning of your writing adventure.

Editing: love it or hate it?
I love my editor… she is the best. I wished I had found her years ago.

How much do you think that a good blurb and good cover art figure into the success of a story?
They both play a very important role into the success of a story. It is what catches the reader’s eye.

Do you listen to music while you write? If yes, do you find what you listen to influences the story at all?
I don’t listen to music while I write. I play my favorite TV shows. Most people know what they are. Doctor Who, Torchwood and Arrow. I do listen to music while I walk and think. But to relax or help me sleep I only listen to John Barrowman.

Oh, now I’m really impressed! I love those shows too, but I can’t write anything with the TV on in the same room, unless it’s some sporting event. Otherwise my eye is drawn to the movement on the screen and I get sucked into  the story–even if I’ve seen it a hundred times before!

So glad to have you here today, Rachel! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and a little about your new story.

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Rachel Sparks grew up in South Carolina .With a degree in Early Childhood education and one in social work, she brings those skills to the table to write stories involving current social issues, a sprinkling of romance and powerful story lines.

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Book Blurb
The perfect life was just a lie…
John Burrows had a wonderful husband who loved him. The job of his dreams. He had a loving family, loyal friends and adoring fans. His life was everything a man could hope for until it fell apart. Society says it does not happen, that it is all a lie, so John hid the truth from everyone until it was almost too late.

The truth was revealed…

Ben Tensley thought that meeting your soulmate on the most traumatic night of his life was hard. He discovered that watching the man you love try and heal in the middle of chaos was even harder. Ben and John struggle to find solid ground…until John’s nightmare returns.

Will John be strong enough to give love a chance?

This book deals with domestic abuse. I, myself am a survivor of domestic abuse.


John looked down at their hands and then laced his fingers with Ben’s.

Ben placed his hand lightly on John’s check. He stared deeply into John’s eyes. Ben could see the pain no matter how hard John tried to hide it. “Are you going to let me in, John?”

John swallowed and licked his lips.

Ben leaned in closer and closer to John. He was so close that John could feel the hot breath against his lips. He closed his eyes as he felt Ben press his mouth firmly, offering no resistance. He let Ben explore the depths of his mouth with his tongue. Ben knew this was more than just a connection. This was what he had been yearning for all these years.

John was exactly what he needed.

John put his hands on Ben’s chest and pushed him away. He could feel his heart pounding and hear it in his ears. “Wait… stop… please.”

Ben raised his hands and moved back. “I’m sorry, I thought you…”

John got up and walked over and placed his hands on a nearby table with his head down. He was trying to calm down. He felt fear gripping him.

Ben got up and walked over to the table. “Hey…”

John stood up. “Could you just back up please? I need some breathing room.”

Ben raised his hands and backed up. “I’m sorry.” Ben could have kicked himself. He had taken it too far and he knew it. At this rate he would never have a chance for a relationship with John.

John picked up a bottle of wine and poured himself a glass. He drained the entire glass in a matter of minutes.

“You want me to leave?”

John ignored Ben and filled his glass again, draining it quickly before slamming it on the table. “Hell no! I just need some space dammit!”

Ben walked around the table and took the wine bottle. “Look, I’m not going to stand here watch you drink an entire bottle of wine and cuss me out.”

John tried to reach for his wine bottle. “Then leave!”

Ben wouldn’t let him have the wine bottle. “I am not going to let you start drinking when you feel nervous around me. I’m not going to rape you. You wanted me to stop, and I did.”

John was curling his hands into fists.

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