Galloping Toward the Finish Line

jumping-kSome of you might notice I haven’t been around much lately. I apologize, and want you to know I haven’t forgotten you–I’m just behind on my emails with a lot of catching up to do.

What have I been doing?

Well, I’ve been deep in edits on my upcoming Christmas story called Holiday House Swap. I’m so excited about this one, guys! It’s a fun little story about opposites attract when circumstances throw an in-the-closet writer and a forcibly retired Air Force major into frivolous circumstances. This one’s a feel-good story for the holidays, and should be out from Dreamspinner Press in December.

I’m also working like mad  on the next story–which I *must* finish before the first of the year: the next (and final) installment of The Sixth Sense series. I’m thrilled to announce that the entire series is getting a new look with new covers because I’m releasing an expanded version of the first story, Unspeakable Words! That’s right, Unspeakable Words will be coming out soon with extended scenes and the sorts of details everyone’s been begging for! I can’t tell you how pleased I am to be able to share this information with you!

Fool'sGold-400x600I’m also running a sale on Fool’s Gold soon (as soon as I can set it up). I’ll be offering an epilogue to the story–but it will be available only to those who sign up for my newsletter. I’ll make an additional announcement when I get that in place too! Which reminds me–Fool’s Gold is up for Book of the Week at Love Bytes Reviews! I know it doesn’t stand a chance of winning (I’ve seen the competition and it’s fierce!) but if you’d like to vote for it, the poll is at the link in this paragraph.

And I almost forgot! My monthly blog post is up at Author’s Speak at Rainbow Gate, where I discuss the dangers of comparing yourself to others. This doesn’t apply just to writing–the advice is applicable to everyone! Do drop in, check it out, and tell me what you think.

And work just called me in early… Whew! No wonder I’m distracted and am behind on my correspondence! I promise I’ll catch up soon, though!

10 thoughts on “Galloping Toward the Finish Line

  1. Can I just sign up for your newsletter here and now? Because I so DO NOT want to miss the Fool’s Gold Epilogue. That’s fabulous news. I’m also looking forward to what sounds like a wonderful Christmas story and I guess I’d better wait for that rerelease of Unspeakable Words before I dive into that series. So much to look forward to!

    • Your comment here made me grin like a fiend! Yes, you can sign up–the link is in the sidebar or you can use this one here:

      I’m tickled with the Christmas story (I *love* holiday stories with a passion!) and definitely, I would wait for the revision on book one of the Six Sense series before starting it–hopefully it will be out the first of the year!
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      • I completely missed that sign up link,but the oversight has been remedied. I’m only now discovering the ‘comfort and joy’ of Christmas stories, but I guess there’s all the more for me still to discover and I’m definitely looking forward to yours. Good luck with all your projects. I’m looking forward to diving into whatever comes next 🙂

          • Until last year I never really read holiday stories, unless I accidentally ran into one because it happened to be part of a series and then I’d read the book whenever I reached that point in the story, regardless of time of year. That changed last year, although I can’t remember why. And then I wrote one of my own. No snow though. Snow for Christmas in Dublin is too rare an occurrence even for a fictional tale 🙂

          • Oh, mine is called Christmas at Adelaide Road and is available on the Pride Publishing website only as a freebie. It can be read as a stand-alone but it takes place about a month after my book Scenes from Adelaide Road ends 🙂

  2. Great idea with the newsletter! I get your Goodreads notifications, but those are usually way late. So now I’m signed up 🙂

    Happy to hear there will be a new book and an extended version of Unspeakable Words 🙂 And now I know where to look for my Christmas story fix as well 🙂

    All the best,

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