Dear Fans: All Romance EBooks closing–Where you can find my titles now

book by Ricardo Vasquez/

book by Ricardo Vasquez/

Dear Fans:

I’ve just received a shocking, no warning notice from All Romance Ebooks that they are closing their doors on 12/31. The terms of settlement they are offering is not acceptable to me, but they are probably the best I will get.

While I am sorry that yet another e book retailer is abruptly shutting down, I am also upset by the lack of communication until we were blindsided with this notice. Many of us are relying on our fourth quarter royalty payments, that will now be a fraction of what is due to us.

As such, I’ve pulled all my titles for sale on the All Romance website in advance of their 48 hour notice of closure. The good news is that currently you can get all my Dreamspinner titles on sale until 12/30–which includes my new release, Holiday House Swap.

As for my non-Dreamspinner titles, Fool’s Gold and A Summer Fling are still available on Amazon. I suspect I will shortly be putting Fool’s Gold back into KU.

2 thoughts on “Dear Fans: All Romance EBooks closing–Where you can find my titles now

  1. Hi. I thoroughly enjoyed your book The Boys of Summer – the embedded story made me cry – and so went looking for more. I can’t find a source for Unspeakable Words, though. Parts 2 & 3 are available on Amazon (where I just bought a few more of your titles), but Book 1 is showing on both Amazon & Dreamspinner Press as not available. I realize everything is a mess with the other distributor, but will Bk 1 be available again? Thanks!

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