Third International Peggy Carter Day April 9th, 2019

It dawned on me when I reached for my favorite mug this morning that in a little over a month, it will be time to celebrate our love for our favorite agent, Peggy Carter! I can’t believe this is our third year running. Last  year we picked up some new members, and I want to make this year special for everyone who loves Peggy like we do.

If you’re new to International Peggy Carter Day, a detailed explanation of our mission statement and our activities last year is listed here, including links to our Facebook group and the hashtags to use if you’d like to participate. I highly recommend reading the previous post to get a feel for what we’ve done in the past, but the short version is every year on April 9th, Peggy Carter’s birthday, fans from all over the world pay homage to our favorite agent in our own individual ways. You can dress like Peggy, if that floats your boat. For many of us, that’s part of the fun of Peggy Carter Day. You can participate in a scavenger hunt (more on that as the day grows closer). Show support for the organization of your choice–every year we recommend showing some love to your national Alzheimer’s organization, but we’ve also shown support for the #MeToo movement as well. We encourage you to share your love on social media on April 9th using the hashtags #PeggyCarterDay and #IKnowMyValue.

If you’d like to join our Facebook group, check us out here. There will be more updates, plans, laughter, and sharing as we approach the big day. We’re looking for ideas on how to spread the joy, so come on over and join in the planning.

But here’s the most important thing about Peggy Carter Day. We encourage everyone from all walks of life to know their value. Own it. Embrace it. Peggy is an inspiration to us all.

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