Third Annual International Peggy Carter Day!

It’s here! Today is April 9th, the birthday of our favorite agent, Peggy Carter! Fans from all over the world are celebrating today by putting on a Peggy-themed T-shirt or Besame’s Red Velvet or simply channeling their inner Peggy Carter!

We invite you to share your love and celebration with us by using the hashtags #IKnowMyValue and #WalkLikePeggyDay and #InternationalPeggyCarterDay.

We want to see how you celebrate!

Share your favorite moments or quotes from the show. Link to your favorite fanfic. Post images of your favorite scenes, or that bit of fandom memorabilia that brings you joy.

Tell us why Peggy Carter resonates with you as a character and why you love her so much. You are not alone. We want to share your squee with you!

For many of us, we might have been Peggy fans before this moment, but this scene in S1 solidified why the character means so much to us:

Don’t know what Peggy Carter Day is about? Check out this post and links here.

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