A Brief Update on the Status of Sarah Madison Books

Just a quick word to let people know the current status of my stories. I’ve received back the rights for the stories contracted to Dreamspinner Press and am currently removing inactive links from the website, as well as putting my titles back up for sale on various outlets. Some of the works will need new covers, some will probably need re-editing. All of this takes time and energy, which I only have in short supply. But I promise, I will get the titles back up as soon as possible, on the off chance you’re coming to this site hopeful of a purchase. 🙂

I’m also giving serious consideration to dropping my Facebook pages. I have marked reservations with the way Facebook runs its business, including the data collection on its users and the disregard for the truth in its advertising. I’d long ago decided FB would never get another dime from me, but while I suspect deleting my account wouldn’t affect them in the slightest, it’s one of the only measures I can take in protest of their unrestricted actions.

As such, you might want to consider either subscribing to this blog or my newsletter, should you want to keep up with updates on potential releases, sales, and news items.

2 thoughts on “A Brief Update on the Status of Sarah Madison Books

    • Duh, I should have posted the link here! It’s in the sidebar on the home page. I looked for an actual link to post here, but darned if I can find it. It’s been so long since I shared it with anyone…

      If I manage to figure out what the actual link is, I’ll post it here. *red-face*

      Otherwise, you can see the signup boxes for both the NL and new blog posts on the Home page sidebar. If you’re on a phone, you may have to scroll down to find them. 🙂

      FOUND IT! http://eepurl.com/bz99-n
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