A Long Overdue Update on the Sixth Sense Series



When I look at how much time has passed since I published anything in the Sixth Sense series, I’m embarrassed. I released the third book in the series, Truth and Consequences, in 2015. I released a revised and expanded version of the first story in the series, Unspeakable Words, in 2017. From then, nothing but crickets.

It’s no secret I’ve been struggling these last four years. What I find interesting is how my personal and professional traumas all dovetailed with the election of Donald Trump as the US President. No, I don’t blame all my trials and losses on the Trump presidency, but the additional weight of the gross corruption and incompetency of his administration—as well as the corrosion of civil rights, environmental controls, and the utter and complete failure to even attempt to manage a deadly pandemic–were additional body blows when I’d already been felled by one hit after another. I’ve made no bones about that.

It doesn’t help that I’m an empath. I internalize the emotions of those around me every bit is much as Gem in the Star Trek:TOS episode with the eponymous title. I never knew that was a thing until recently, but it makes a ton of sense now. And let me tell you, the collective despair of nearly everyone I knew made it difficult to deal with already challenging situations in my own life.

For years now, I’ve promised to finish the Sixth Sense series. To not leave the few–but dedicated–fans hanging indefinitely. The more time that has passed, the harder it has been to pick up the threads of the story arc, and the fears that whatever I write will disappoint grow larger with each passing year.

Well, no more. With the declaration of Joe Biden as our president, it’s as though a huge weight has been lifted from me. Are all our problems going to magically disappear? No. Sadly, we have a crapton of work to do in order to both undo the damage caused by the Trump administration and to insure the safety of democracy for the future. We are still in the grip of a pandemic that is spreading exponentially in the US and we’re running out of time to effect climate change. Strides made in civil rights have been seriously eroded by an administration that embraced fascism and gave permission to white supremacists to crawl out of the woodwork.

But for the first time in a long time, I don’t feel as though I’m a passenger in a bus being driven toward a cliff by people who seem to believe their wealth or faith will prevent their half of the bus from being destroyed.

What that means is yesterday, for the first time in years, I’ve opened the draft of Deal with the Devil, the final installment of the Sixth Sense series, and have begun working on it again. While it’s probably a bit late to give it the NaNo treatment, my goal is to have a completed draft by the end of this year and to publish it early next spring. To hold my feet to the fire, I intend to contact the artist who did the updated covers and secure the final one.

Let’s do this, people.

30 thoughts on “A Long Overdue Update on the Sixth Sense Series

  1. I am so happy you have found the energy and will to write again. The past four years have been like living in an episode of the Twilight Zone, and that’s from across the pond. What it’s been like for you I can’t even imagine. I find it utterly disheartening to see how many voted for Trump this time around, even after four years of corruption, nepotism, blatant lies, insane behaviour and, well the list goes on. I do not believe in God, but I am certain that a lot of Trump’s supporters in Congress will be turned away at the Pearly Gates. Mitch McConnel and Lindsey Graham, I’m looking at you. Shame on them all. I’m sure Trump will be even more unhinged in the years to come, but at least he won’t be president. I’m so encouraged by the way voters mobilised and got him out of office, during a time of incredible hardsships for so many.

    Looking forward to reading your book!

    Love, Hilde

    • Thank you–your encouragement means a lot! It’s nothing to see “I Love Jesus” bumper stickers on the same cars sporting MAGA flags around here. The ironic is enough to choke a horse. The fact this election was so close was disheartening, that’s for sure. It’s a measure of how much work we have cut out for us in the future. But I swear, it feels as though I’ve been paddling in the ocean for years and have spotted an island a last. It’s bad enough the personal losses during this time have been immense, but the correlation between all the death and disaster with the Trump presidency have made it tough to keep my head above water. But now I’m done with treading water–I’m striking out for shore!

  2. Agree with you a million percent! So glad you finding your center again, like so many of us after the good news this weekend. Looking forward to reading the finale!

    • Thank you! I’m embarrassed that it’s taken me so long–and fear it won’t live up to the remainder of the series as a result–but I’m done with fear and heartbreak. I’m ready to move forward again. 🙂

  3. It’s lovely to hear from you again. Don’t put pressure on yourself, take the time to connect with your writing again and enjoy the process. Wishing you everything of the best.

    • That is so very kind of you, thank you. I suspect it will be a bit like riding a bike–initially my balance will be off and I’ll have to build up those muscles again. But the knowledge is there–I just have to be patient and consistent now. 🙂

    • LOL! Right? I feel like nothing is impossible this weekend. And yet I know we as a nation have our work cut out for us, even as I have my work cut out for me delving back into this world again. My courage is back, though, so this time I think it will stick. 🙂

  4. Hi!
    Happy dance! Best news of the year !!!
    Anxious, biting her nails, waiting for the book!
    And, I fully understand your feelings … My president is Bolsonaro (Brasil). Total shame!
    Sending a lot of positive energy to you!

  5. hops around like a loon!!
    Wonderful news!
    As happy as I am about seeing the completion of the series, I am equally happy that you are feeling better, feeling hopeful (as I am – whew what a weight my lungs!), and hopefully will enjoy revisiting this old favorite.

  6. *hugs* I was so delighted to see your notification in my inbox. The very best of wishes that there will be stability and healing and we can all get back to work. Of you need hand holding, cheerleading or, in time, a beta you know where to find me <3

  7. Ciaoooo Sarah!
    I will be waiting for the new books with pleasure and I’m not American but I’m still celebrating Joe Biden’s victory as the new President of the USA!

    • Today it feels as though my relief may have been premature–the current administration is not only refusing to concede but is also installing loyalists in positions of power within our Department of Defense. Seriously disquieting.

      That said, I’ve written two chapters. Not my best work, but forward progress, just the same. Perhaps the world doesn’t need another M/M romance–but I need to finish this series. I owe it to everyone who has been so kind and patient with me. <3
      Sarah Madison recently posted..A Long Overdue Update on the Sixth Sense SeriesMy Profile

      • I hope there is a big and real cleanup when Biden takes the Office…and a real fraud investigation too for the previous embarrassing… man…it’s hard to describe this ‘subject’ with it.
        I’m happy even if it’s only 2 pages. The important thing is that you do it for yourself first and then for the rest of us.

        • There absolutely needs to be a fraud investigation! I suspect his desire to stay out of jail is a huge factor in his unwillingness to concede.

          I hope there will be more than two pages! 🙂 But I’ll be honest, my feelings for law enforcement-based stories has changed in the last four years. Maybe John and Lee need to retire somewhere in the sun and sand! 😉
          Sarah Madison recently posted..A Long Overdue Update on the Sixth Sense SeriesMy Profile

          • Please don’t give up, dear Sarah. President Biden and Vice President Harris have given me something I have missed for these long, almost 4 years – they’ve given me hope. There’s light at the end of this tunnel and we will endure the slings and arrows tossed at us until then. I hope you can turn to your wonderful characters to lift you from this despair and plunge you into a whole other world of fiction and fantasy – your imagination and humor are what we could all use these days! Take care of you first. I STILL believe in you! ❤❤

          • This! This!

            I’m so sorry for the delayed response–I missed this comment somehow. But yes, I believe the world needs people who create things to offset all the people who just want to tear things down.

            It’s so nice to have someone believe in you when your own confidence in yourself wobbles most days. Thank you. <3

  8. Very glad to hear you will be completing the series. Thank you for pushing though and writing. With all the crap going on here in the US my escape has been doing a lot of rereads through Kindle Unlimited and this series is one. Went back and looked at my Dreamspinner copies and was surprised that Unspeakable Words was published in 2010. My, how time flies!

    • I am SO sorry for not replying sooner! I’m afraid I didn’t get notification of this post. Words of encouragement such as these are greatly appreciated, though. I’m glad you’ve been able to find some peace of mind in reading during all the crap going on right now. And yes, ten years! Like a blink of a eye. Four going on five since I published anything in this series. *cringes* But I’m determined to finish this series off right. 🙂

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