A Decision and an Announcement

I recently got a notice indicating it was time to renew my subscription on this website.

Imagine my surprise (and dismay) when I realized it has been almost two years since I posted here. Wow. That’s a long time. Even longer since I’ve published anything as Sarah Madison.

It’s time to take a hard look at what I’m doing with this account, and with myself as a writer. For some time now, I’ve had difficulty interesting myself in the characters I created with such love and joy.

There are many reasons for this: a stressful job, a ridiculous amount of personal loss over an extended period of time, having a publisher which owned the rights to those characters not paying out royalties and having to get my rights back, and then re-cover and republish those stories myself…

In many ways, I feel as though I’m waking up from a long sleep, and discovering the garden I once attended is overrun with weeds and thorns. Sure, the outlines of the original landscaping plans are visible, but it’s going to take a lot of back-breaking work to bring that garden back to its original glory. It may not be possible to restore the gardens to the original plans, either. To carry the analogy further, some of the original plants may be no longer be available. Or the soil may no longer sustain them.

The first step I’ve made is the decision to pull all my stories out of KU. It’s been far too easy to let them sit in there without paying attention to them, and sadly, they have failed to flourish for lack of water. So this is my notification that all my stories will be leaving KU by Dec 20, 2022. If you have been waiting to read them and they are sitting on your Kindle, I suggest reading them now while you can with your KU subscription.

What comes next is less clear. I have to hack a path into the garden far enough to determine the next course of action. But it will no longer be running wild.

My thanks to all of you lovely readers who still write me letting me know how much you enjoy my stories. Your kind words have sustained me during a long period of drought.

10 thoughts on “A Decision and an Announcement

  1. Oh! I am very happy to hear from you. The important thing is that you are okay. Stories are bonus. We missed you.
    Kisses and hugs!

  2. I love all your works, regardless of genre, so I hope to see more from you regardless of the name it is under. I am never sure what authors get when I read from KU, I pay a monthly fee so assume the authors get something, at least I hope so!
    But I like your books to be books I can hold 🙂 and hope to keep expanding myp collection.

    • The payout for KU is 0.004 cents a page. Which comes to less than 0.75 cents for a copy of Unspeakable Words. Kind of sad, eh?

      It’s difficult to justify paying for cover art and editing when the ROI is so small.

      I’m trying my hand at other genres but that doesn’t change the bottom line. It’s hard to call it anything more than an expensive hobby. Your words are very kind and encouraging though. I’d assumed that no one would be interested if I branched out into something new. 🙂
      Sarah Madison recently posted..A Decision and an AnnouncementMy Profile

  3. I’m kind of in those same murky waters as you with all the books back from that publisher and what to do and then the injury that derailed my life last year. Whatever comes next I wish you the best.

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