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Raincheck (novella) on Dreamspinner Press. This short novella tells the story of Rodney, the self-educated gargoyle, and his unlikely friendship and growing attraction for David, a tenant in his building. Can they overcome the differences in their two species to find love and happiness? Release Date June 29th, 2011




Practice Makes Perfect (novella) Rhys and Jim are just two friends and colleagues–who just happen to work in outer space. On a dangerous expedition with a desperate mission, the two men face their mortality on a daily basis and are no strangers to risk-taking. But are they willing to put the mission–and their friendship–on the line by risking it all for something more? Release date November 7, 2011




Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt (short story) on Dreamspinner Press: Jeff Hawkins is used to making do or doing without, scratching out a living at the edge of the Settled Worlds with a alien spacecraft and his crew of fellow scavengers. When he finds Peter Vale as a survivor in stasis on a derelict ship, Jeff discovers that there’s more to living than mere survival.






This ebook contains two stories: “A Summer Fling” and “Bite the Dust”.

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In A Summer Fling, Daniel falls hard for a guest staying at the hotel where he works. Ryan McFarland is working frantically to finish his latest novel and shouldn’t be distracted. The attraction, however, is mutual and all too quickly their time together passes. At the end of the week, will this have been just another summer fling?

Bite the Dust is a short story based on one of Ryan McFarland’s characters, the enigmatic and deadly vampire detective, Mikhail Frost.


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