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Whew! I know I haven’t been around much lately–life has been unexpectedly hectic! I did a serious number on my shoulder, I have an on-going medical crisis with one of the horses, we’ve entered the busy season at work, and I got a recall notice on my car just as I’m trying to leave town for a business trip. You know, life as usual… 🙂

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But I’d be remiss if I didn’t share some good news with you guys! First, Dreamspinner Press is having a 25% off sale on everything in the store from now until Monday, April 20th. But even better, for the rest of April, Dreamspinner is selling all in-stock paperbacks at 50% off! My DSP page is here, if you are interested in big savings!


photo_30486_20110214Looking for a great beach read? For a limited time only, A Summer Fling is free at Amazon and Barnes and Noble! In A Summer Fling,Daniel falls hard for a guest staying at the hotel where he works. Ryan McFarland is working frantically to finish his latest novel and shouldn’t be distracted. The attraction, however, is mutual, and all too quickly their time together passes. At the end of the week, will this have been just another summer fling?

Bite the Dust is a short story based on one of Ryan McFarland’s characters, the enigmatic and deadly vampire detective, Mikhail Frost.

A Summer Fling was originally published in 2011 under the title Surf’s Up, as part of the Goodreads M/M Romance Group’s “Don’t Read in the Closet” fest. Bite the Dust, a short story based on a character in Surf’s Up, was a finalist in the “Just One Bite” Contest. This compilation is the only place you can get both stories together, so check it out while the price is right. 🙂

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So pick up a light read and eat your lunch outside in the springtime sun. Pretend you’re at the beach for me. 🙂

Kindle Alexander gives us Full Disclosure! Book Spotlight & Giveaway!

I’m delighted to be able to spotlight Kindle Alexander’s latest release, Full Disclosure, part of the Nice Guy series! After checking out this smoking hot excerpt and trailer, be sure to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway at the end of the post!
Deputy United States Marshal Mitch Knox apprehends fugitives for a living. His calm, cool, collected attitude and devastatingly handsome good looks earn him a well-deserved bad boy reputation, both in the field and out. While away on an assignment, he blows off some steam at a notorious Dallas nightclub. Solving the case that has plagued him for months takes a sudden backseat to finding out all there is to know about the gorgeous, shy blond sitting alone at the bar.
Texas State Trooper Cody Turner is moving up the ranks, well on his way to his dream of being a Texas Ranger. While on a two-week mandatory vacation, he plans to relax and help out on his family’s farm. Mitch is the last distraction Cody needs, but the tatted up temptation that walks into the bar and steals his baseball cap is too hard to ignore.
As Mitch’s case gains nationwide attention, how will he convince the sexy state trooper that giving him a chance won’t jeopardize his life’s plan…especially when the evil he’s tracking brings the hate directly to his doorstep, threatening more than just their careers.

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Full Disclosure by Kindle Alexander from Becca the Bibliophile on Vimeo.


Best Selling Author Kindle Alexander is an innovative writer, and a genre-crosser who writes classic fantasy, romance, suspense, and erotica in both the male/male and male/female genres. It’s always a surprise to see what’s coming next!
I live in the suburbs of Dallas where it’s true, the only thing bigger than an over active imagination, may be women’s hair!
Usually, I try for funny. Humor is a major part of my life – I love to laugh, and it seems to be the thing I do in most situations – regardless of the situation, but jokes are a tricky deal… I don’t want to offend anyone and jokes tend to offend. So instead I’m going to tell you about Kindle.
I tragically lost my sixteen year old daughter to a drunk driver. She had just been at home, it was early in the night and I heard the accident happen. I’ll never forget that moment. The sirens were immediate and something inside me just knew. I left my house, drove straight to the accident on nothing more than instinct. I got to be there when my little girl died – weirdly, I consider that a true gift from above. She didn’t have to be alone.
That time in my life was terrible. It’s everything you think it would be times about a billion. I love that kid. I loved being her mother and I loved watching her grow into this incredibly beautiful person, both inside and out. She was such a gift to me. To have it all ripped away so suddenly broke me.
Her name was Kindle. Honest to goodness – it was her name and she died a few weeks before Amazon released their brand new Kindle ereader. She had no idea it was coming out and she would have finally gotten her name on something! Try finding a ruler with the name Kindle on it.. It never happened.
Through the course of that crippling event I was lucky enough to begin to write with a dear friend in the fan fiction world of Facebook. She got me through those dark days with her unwavering support and friendship. There wasn’t a time she wasn’t there for me. Sometimes together and sometimes by myself, we built a world where Kindle lives and stands for peace, love and harmony. It’s its own kind of support group. I know without question I wouldn’t be here today without her.

Find out more by visiting or email me at


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Cover Reveal & Giveway: Americana Fairy Tale by Lex Chase

I love cover reveals! I’m anxiously awaiting my own cover for my soon-to-be-released M/M romance, Walk a Mile. Waiting for a cover is like waiting for the doctor to tell you if you’re having a boy or a girl: you’ll love your child no matter what, but the anticipation is killing you! Fortunately, you won’t have to wait for Lex Chase’s latest cover reveal! Better yet, you can pre-order the story AND if any of you are going to Gay Rom Lit,print copies of both Americana Fairy Tales and Chasing Sunrise qualify for free shipping to the convention so you can get Lex to autograph them there. Be sure to check out the rafflecopter giveaway  at the end of the post! AmericanaFairyTaleFS


Americana Fairy Tale
by Lex Chase

Genre: M/M Fairy Tale Urban Fantasy
Length: Novel, 340 Pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press


Modern fairy-tale princess Taylor Hatfield has problems. One: He’s a guy. Two: His perfect brother Atticus is the reincarnation of Snow White. Three: Taylor has no idea which princess he is supposed to be. Four: Taylor just left his prince (a girl) at the altar. Despite his enchanted lineage, Taylor is desperate to find his Happily Ever After away from magic, witches, and stuffy traditions. Regrettably, destiny has other plans for him. Dammit.

When word reaches Taylor that Idi the Witchking has captured Atticus, Taylor is determined to save his brother. He enlists the help of rakish and insufferable Corentin Devereaux, likewise of enchanted lineage. A malicious spell sends Taylor and Corentin on a road trip through the kitschy nostalgia of roadside Americana. To save Atticus, they must solve the puzzles put forth by Idi the Witchking. As they struggle, Taylor and Corentin’s volatile partnership sparks a flash of something more. But princesses have many enemies, and Taylor must keep his wits about him because there’s nothing worse than losing your heart… or your head.




Pre-order from Dreamspinner Press in eBook and Paperback

Available September 12th, 2014

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Still flustered and confused, with no time to contemplate what had just come over him, Corentin tossed out his hand and gestured to the open road. “Do you see signs for I-85 North anywhere, genius?”

“Man, you’re really bitchy,” Ringo said, crossing his arms. “Have enough water today? Hydration is important.”

“Why should I trust you anyway? You could be getting us lost on purpose,” Taylor said. There was a sneer in his tone, and he glared in the rearview. “I’m not counting out we nearly died three seconds ago.”

“I was avoiding a tire in the road,” Corentin lied. “And I am not getting us lost.” His irritation grew as he tried to puzzle through everything that had just transpired. “I’m keeping my promise. You’re useless to me, so we’re going to go save your brother and kill Idi instead.”

“Woooooah,” Ringo said, holding up his hands in surrender. “You didn’t tell me this was Idi we were up against.”

“Someone fill me in,” Taylor said in a demanding tone.

Corentin gritted his teeth. Just like all princesses, Taylor was a pretty spoiled brat. “Idi is the Witchking,” Corentin said simply. He braced himself for the oncoming flurry of questions. Which he wouldn’t know how to answer in the simplest of terms.

“Idi’s bad juju,” Ringo said. “The worst of all witches.”

“And we’re going to kill him?” Taylor asked.

Corentin caught him arching a brow and making a doubtful expression in the rearview. “That’s the plan.”

“And save Atticus,” Taylor said.

That’s the plan,” Corentin repeated tersely.

“What’s in it for you?” Taylor asked. Something in his tone suggested his mistrust had hit its limit.

Before Corentin could come up with an expert lie, he was unfortunately saved by the GPS popping with sizzles and showering sparks over the cabin of the truck. Ringo zipped behind the passenger seat, and Taylor yelped in a half squeal. The truck fishtailed over two lanes and came dangerously close to clipping a car. Corentin acted fast, ripping the melting device from its dash mount and chucking it out the window. Taylor turned to look out the back window, and Corentin caught the bright orange flame as the thing exploded like a grenade.

When the spots cleared from Corentin’s eyes, he muttered a curse under his breath as the truck passed from a clear division of daylight into the dead of night. He clicked the headlights on and waited for his eyes to adjust.

“What the hell is going on?” Taylor asked, leaning up to the back window.

“Idi’s fucking with us,” Corentin said. “It seems like he’s trying to delay us as much as possible.”

“He knows we’re onto him,” Taylor said. “Way to go for discussing the super-secret squirrel plan out loud.”

“You know…,” Corentin said, glaring in the rearview. “You are a lot more pleasant when you’re passed out, snoring.”

Taylor huffed. “I don’t snore.”

“You bleat like a dying hyena,” Ringo said, then spit a giggle.

Taylor’s attention snapped to the pixie. “What is this? Asshole day?”

Corentin caught his eerie pink glare in the rearview.

“Dude, just get off at the nearest exit. We should be near Birmingham by now.”

“All right, all right,” Corentin said, and it was a pleasant reprieve that Taylor kept his mouth shut for more than five minutes. It didn’t last.

“Hey, hey!” Taylor said and pointed at a green-and-white interstate exit sign in the distance. “Talladega! Turn here. I can get us to Atlanta from here. We’re not that far off.”

Corentin guided the truck up the exit ramp and frowned. Something was wrong—flat-topped mesas came into view.

“What the…?” Taylor whispered and watched the rolling dunes of the Painted Desert.

“Uuuh…,” Ringo added and pressed himself to the windshield. The occasional cactus whisked by. “Wow, Talladega’s having a hard time with the drought this season,” Ringo said through their awestruck silence.

“That’s not a drought,” Corentin said softly.

Taylor squinted into the distance. “Does ‘Welcome to Arizona, the Grand Canyon State’ answer your question?”

Ringo pasted his face to the windshield. “How do you even see—” Ringo squeaked when the state sign of Arizona blurred by. “Oh my Storyteller!”

Corentin remained tense, trying to get his thoughts together.

Taylor, however, seemed to not be able to resist blurting out his opinion. “It seems this Eddie guy is doing more than just fucking with us.”

Idi,” Corentin said and realized how terse he sounded. “I think he wants to do more than just delay us.”

Ringo peeled himself from the windshield. He slapped his hands to his cheeks in horror. “He wants us to die out here?” he croaked.

“Panicking is not going to help,” Corentin said firmly.

“Easy for you to say,” Taylor snapped. “We just need to stop somewhere and ask for directions. We’ll get back on the right road in no time.”

Corentin sighed. Taylor’s hope was admirable, but Ringo was only half right. They would die out here, but only one of them. This was Corentin’s first trial. Now he was here, in the middle of nowhere, with Taylor to do with what he will. As soon as that was over, Idi would release him and he’d be on his way, but only until the next time Idi summoned him to do his bidding.

They drove on, again in a long-hanging silence. The interstate lay barren, not a single car or scrap of civilization to be seen. The pavement bore veins of black tar from years of shoddy repair. Corentin caught Taylor’s pink gaze in the rearview, and his feral eyes seemed to gleam in the dark.

The princess shifted from one side of the backseat to the other. He seemed to look for anything that would help. He cupped his hands around the glass and peeked out into the night. “I can’t see anything out there. It’s just desert,” Taylor muttered.

Ringo turned to Corentin, “How are we on ga—”

Don’t say it!” Corentin and Taylor shouted in unison.

Ringo held up his hands and pursed his lips. “Got it…. Uh… why?”

“I assume Eddie is listening in to everything,” Taylor said.

Idi,” Corentin corrected Taylor again. “I think sir princess is right. It seems the second we’ve said anything, something’s gone wrong.”

Ringo fluttered over to the dash and rested his chin in his palm. “You know… it could be all a coincidence….”

Corentin and Taylor glared angrily at Ringo in silence while the hum of the pavement whooshed as Corentin drove.

Ringo waved his hands. “By Titania’s tatas, guys, I was just kidding!”



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About the author


LXC_FlamesLex Chase once heard Stephen King say in a commercial, “We’re all going to die, I’m just trying to make it a little more interesting.” She knew then she wanted to make the world a little more interesting too.

Weaving tales of cinematic, sweeping adventure and epic love—and depending on how she feels that day—Lex sprinkles in high-speed chases, shower scenes, and more explosions than a Hollywood blockbuster. She loves tales of men who kiss as much as they kick ass. She believes if you’re going to going to march into the depths of hell, it better be beside the one you love.

Lex is a pop culture diva and her DVR is constantly backlogged. She wouldn’t last five minutes without technology in the event of the apocalypse and has nightmares about refusing to leave her cats behind. She is incredibly sentimental, to the point that she gets choked up at holiday commercials. But like the lovers driven to extreme measures to get home for the holidays, Lex believes everyone deserves a happy ending.

Lex also has a knack for sarcasm, never takes herself seriously, and has been nicknamed “The Next Alan Moore” by her friends for all the pain and suffering she inflicts on her characters. She is a Damned Yankee hailing from the frozen backwoods of Maine now residing in the burbs of Northwest Florida, where it could be 80F and she’d still be a popsicle.

She is grateful for and humbled by all the readers. She knows very well she wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them and welcomes feedback.

You can find in the Intarwebz here:
I love cover reveals! I am anxiously awaiting the cover for my own soon-to-be-released story, Walk a Mile, and I liken it to waiting to find out if you’re having a boy or a girl. You’ll love your child no matter what, but the anticipation is killing you, right?

Fortunately, you won’t have to wait any longer to see the cover for Lex Chase’s new story because here it is!


Pen Names & Gender: What Romance Readers Want

books_roxiconsAnd the survey says…

First I have to preface this by saying the vast majority of participants in my not-very-scientific poll read M/M romances. Well, that only makes sense, as most of my contacts are fellow authors in this sub-genre! I think it is important to states this because in general, I have found readers and writers in this genre to be incredibly open-minded and supportive, and far more willing to take a risk on a romance that might be outside their comfort zone. I have no doubt that many readers of M/M romance made their way to the genre as a reader of traditional M/F romance. I remain unconvinced, however, of whether a reader of traditional romance, who’d never dipped a toe into the waters of M/M (come on in, the water’s FINE), would take a chance on a new-to-them author who also happened to write M/M romance.

108267663_8As many of you may know, this is a topic that has interested me for a while now. While M/M romance is gaining wider acceptance (even to the point of being mentioned in such major news outlets as USA Today), it is still very much a niche genre. And while mainstream Big Name romance writers are starting to cross into that territory, it is with the knowledge that they already have an established name as a romance writer–and a devoted fanbase.

My concern stems largely from the fact that, while I have my eye on writing a traditional M/F romance, I am known for being a M/M author. I think that’s a different kettle of fish. And so I’ve polled people again and again: should someone who writes in two very different genres have different pen names? Most of the time, the numbers fell pretty evenly between YES and NO. I’ve heard all the arguments. I’ve made a few myself, including a post on the topic fatuously titled A Pen By Any Other Name Would Still Sell? at Charlie Cochet’s Purple Rose Tea House. In it, I start out being very pro multiple pen names for different genres, only to have some compelling arguments from the opposite view almost change my mind. Almost.

Separate pen names for separate genres is entirely different from the other question that goes around and around in this genre: namely, should women even write M/M romance in the first place, and if so, would it be smarter to take on a gender neutral pen name? I’ve written about that topic as well–more than once. What I find the most frustrating is that it keeps coming up. I suspect that has much to do with the lack of respect women writers get in general, as opposed to writing ‘outside their sphere of knowledge.’ Everyone has heard the justifications for writing what you want, regardless of your gender. Tolkien never actually met a hobbit or a wizard, after all. I find it both interesting and frustrating that no one challenges sci-fi megastar David Weber on his ability to write strong female heroines–and yet the ‘controversy’ of whether women should be writing M/M romance never seems to die. Today I read a wonderfully thoughtful post on Sid Love’s blog by Sue Brown called Defending My Presence. You should check it out. back to my real question: could an author known for writing M/M romance successfully move into the M/F market without changing pen names? Would they lose potential readers if they *didn’t* use different pen names? Which is why I felt the need for another poll. A larger one. One that I could mine for some sort of definitive AH-HA! moment and point to as my reason for doing what I chose. That didn’t happen. 🙂 I got some interesting results, however, some that surprised me.

Of the readers who completed the survey, the vast majority of them chose romance as one of the main genres they read. 94% of those polled stated they read romances, with science-fiction unexpectedly coming in second with 73% of readers. I say unexpectedly because though I *adore* sci-fi, I’d always been under the impression it didn’t sell well, particularly in M/M romance. 61% of readers stated that they read general fiction, while mystery came in the next highest with 59% of readers polled.

When restricted to selecting only one genre as the mainstay of their reading, 48% of the readers chose romance. Sci-fi again was second, but this time at 24% of the readers. The remaining categories (historicals, non-fiction, horror, thrillers, etc) garnered only a fraction of votes for being the primary category for readers. So yay! A LOT of people read romances! Only two percent of the readers polled stated that they did not read romances at all (and were excluded from the rest of the survey).

Here’s where things started to get interesting. The vast majority of respondents listed M/M romance as their number one go-to choice for romance reading (which leads me to believe the results are skewed to the M/M reader) at 92%. Within that genre, contemporary (71%) and sci-fi/fantasy (59%) ranked highest. Historicals came in next at 57%. I’m surprised by this because my observational experience would seem to indicate a large interest in paranormal/shifter stories, larger than was reflected in this poll, as shifter stories came in at 50%. According to the poll, more people read traditional romances (57%) than M/M shifter stories. That number was even lower for M/F shifter/paranormal stories, which ranked at 34% in reader interest. Not what I would have expected!

Man in Tranquil Sea at SunsetWhen restricted to only one genre, 64% of readers polled selected M/M romance. I would have loved to have gotten a larger cross-section of readers, though I am very grateful to everyone who participated and spread the word. Still, I have to conclude I’m looking a niche response that might not reflect the overall romance reading population.

When asked if the gender of the author mattered to the reader or not, 6% of readers said that it did, compared to 94% that said it did not. The question did not state if the author’s gender mattered in a positive or negative way to the reader, so the results here reflect the poorly worded question.

When asked if authors should use multiple pen names for multiple genres, the majority of readers polled (69%) said it didn’t matter to them. Of the remainder, it was evenly split between Yes and No!

When readers were asked if they would read something in a different genre from a writer known for a certain type of work, not a single respondent said no. The results were evenly matched between ‘yes’ and ‘maybe, it depends’.

100% of the readers polled said that they would not boycott an author who sometimes wrote in a genre that made them personally uncomfortable. Yay! 🙂

98% of the readers said that if they preferred M/F romance, they would read a M/F romance story from someone who also wrote M/M stories. 2% of the readers said they would not, which doesn’t reflect the results on the boycott question. I suspect the word ‘boycott’ has some pretty strong connotations for some people, and again, poorly worded questions may have skewed the results. Interestingly enough, almost 25% of the respondents skipped this question, but because of how it was worded, I cannot be certain if this is because they *don’t* prefer M/F romance or chose not to answer for other reasons.

ink pen_wikipedia_orgWell, there you have it! Not sure what to make of it, except that the M/M audience is a great bunch of people and that I should probably go with my gut on this and take on a second pen name for more traditional romances. I don’t want to shock anyone with very different stories–and by keeping my pen names separate, a reader can quickly distinguish between types of stories to select the one they really want to read. 🙂